KARACHI - Without an idea of one God (monotheism), neither literature nor civilisation can be flourished in any society; while ignorance of common person towards literature shows that our civilisation is going through massive downfall as literary formations cannot be carried out with out evolution of civilisation.
Speaking at a seminar on "Literature and Civilisation", held in NIPA Auditorium, organised by National Institute of Management (NIM) prominent Indian scholar Ayatullah Syed Aqueel-ul-Gharavi pointed out, "When laws, rules and regulations of any society convert into values then civilisation comes into being.
" "However, literature is created after the evolution of civilisation.
Both the phenomena are interrelated and interdependent.
A person with good manners can merely create literature, as the purification of mind and soul is mandatory for creating literature.
Literature can be defined as strong way of transferring the matured thoughts and ideas of civilisation to new generations.
God should not be beyond from frame of reference in literature," he added.
He said that there was dire need to be sick of hypocrisy in different ways of expressions because growth of communal wisdom depended on such reality.
He pointed out that western idea of freedom was very dangerous for survival of any society.
Israeli aggression on Palestinians from 1948 to date and western apathetic behaviour on the issue strongly reveals the hypocrisy, he said.
Gharavi urged the youth to develop strong relations with literature and especially with classical literature.
Renowned Pakistani philosopher and educationist Prof Dr Manzoor Ahmed said that civilisation was strongly connected with literature, while literature surrounded the civilisation.
He pointed out that when Muslims seized the ways of thinking, the downfall of the Ummah started.
"Civilisation is shown in interaction, communication and relation between two nations.
Literature and civilisation will be useless if they fail to create good manner in any person.
The Israeli terrorism over Palestinians and western silence over Israeli terrorism have really exposed the so-called and meaningless slogans of western civilisation.
Western civilisation and literature do not deserve to be called as civilisation and literature.
The prevailing political conditions in the world reveal that civilisation and literature need the purified concept of monotheism," he asserted.
Aniq Ahmed also spoke at the seminar.

This news was published in The Nation newspaper. Read complete newspaper of 14-Jan-2009 here.