Bandit Queens sweep Defence house

LAHORE: Five dacoits including three women swept the house of a trader in Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Friday. A cop said that three women, disguised as housemaids, entered the house of Sohail Ahmed in the EE-block of DHA and made a request for a job. In the meantime, two gunmen got in. They held up the family at gunpoint and get away with cash and valuables worth Rs24.9 million.
The lady bandits also thrashed the women and children as they tried to put up resistance. The Defense-A police registered a case and are investigating.
Bandits continued their looting spree in the provincial metropolis and snatched away cash and gold ornaments worth millions of rupees in several successful strikes from different parts of the city.–Staff reporter

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September 30, 2014
September 30, 2014
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