Vegetable prices go up

LAHROE – An upwards trend in the prices of major vegetables, including onion and tomato, continued at most of the Sunday Bazaars in the City though the quality of available stock was reported to be substandard.
People have complained about mismanagement at the Sunday Bazaars because stalls of fruits and vegetables were established without any proper system while the rates of several veggies and fruits increased this week and major products were unavailable at these bazaars.
The vendors were of the view that the management wrongly fixed the rates of vegetables, though the prices of all food items had skyrocketed in the wholesale market due to affected supplies after flood and rains.
Price of potato was raised by Rs4 per kg and fixed at Rs34 per kg while potato store rate was fixed at Rs16 and potato, sugar-free at Rs22 per kg and sold at Rs32 per kg. Tomato rate was increased by Rs17 per kg and fixed at Rs47 per kg while rotten tomato was sold at Rs46 per kg.  Garlic China rate was fixed at Rs100 to 110 per kg and desi at Rs65 per kg and sold at Rs110 per kg.
Ladyfinger price was fixed at Rs 60 to 64 per kg but was not sold there while it was being sold at Rs100 per kg outside the bazaars. Arum price was fixed at Rs 36-40 per kg and sold at Rs 50 per kg. Price of onion was increased by Rs6 per kg and fixed at Rs47 per kg while rotten and rain-affected onion was sold at Rs 46 per kg.
Ginger was sold at Rs80 per kg and spinach price was raised by Rs4 per kg and fixed at Rs25 per kg. Brinjal price was decreased by Rs6 per kg and fixed at Rs31 but sold at Rs42 per kg. Cucumber price was increased by Rs6 kg and fixed at Rs50 per kg and sold at Rs65 per kg.

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vegetable prices
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October 21, 2014
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