'Sadyon Jaise Pal' launched

LAHORE: The launching ceremony of Ambreen Salahuddin's book 'Sadyon Jaise Pal' was held here the other day.  The ceremony was presided over by renowned poet and writer Amjad Islam Amjad. The guests of honour on the occasion included Dr Khurshid Rizvi, Dr Abrar Ahmad and Parveen Tahir. Guest speakers were Dr Nasir Abbas Nayyer, Hameeda Shaheen, Sajjad Baloch and Ahmad Hammad.  Amjad Islam Amjad said very few poets master the art of writing such a poem which is less than 25 lines and also end it perfectly and all the poems in ‘Sadyon Jaise Pal’ have this quality. Dr Khurshid Rizvi commented that he is astounded by the creative evolution of Ambreen from Sar Dasht-e-Gumaan till Sadyon Jaise Pal over the period of a decade.–Staff Reporter
Ms Salahuddin recited her new poems and some poetry from Sadyon Jaise Pal. The event was well attended by the notable people from the fields of art, literature and education.

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October 24, 2014
October 24, 2014
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