LAHORE - The Integrated Reproductive Maternal Newborn Child Health (IRMNCH) and Nutrition Program in collaboration with Save the Children Pakistan Program organised a meeting to discuss and finalise the draft of rules for the Protection of Breastfeeding and Young Children Feeding Act 2012.The meeting evaluated the critical role of Infant Feeding Board and ways to maximise its role in making the Act more effective. The participants observed that in order to facilitate the implementation of laws regarding breastfeeding, it should be given authority to monitor the rules and regulations to ensure a strong presence. It was also discussed that Punjab Infant Feeding Board should move proactively for the effective implementation of the Punjab Protection of Breastfeeding and Young Child Nutrition Act 2012. Dr Tanwir Ahmed of IRMNCH chaired the meeting. In his welcome remarks Dr Tanwir shared the history of breastfeeding legislation in Punjab and appreciated the efforts of Save the Children in advocating the cause in the province proactively.Fawad Tirmizi, Deputy Secretary Law, initiated a brainstorming session on how to ensure to promote breastfeeding practices through legislation as well. He gave a brief review on the draft rules, the labelling of products, prohibition& guidance and the complementary food as per law. Prof Shakeela Zamanand and Dr Naeem Zafar focused on the need to ensure the Exclusive Breastfeeding uptill 6 months of age and if medically indicated the human milk can be given to the baby through spoon and cup prohibiting use of bottle feed in any case.

This news was published in The Nation newspaper. Read complete newspaper of 23-May-2014 here.