Kayani terms Afzal’s allegations as "pre-planned agenda"
Kayani terms Afzal’s allegations as \

Lahore- Election Commission member Justice (retired) Riaz Kayani, today, termed allegations of former deputy secretary of ECP as ‘ridiculous’ and called them a part of a pre-planned agenda.

Kayani said Afzal Khan is a loyal supporter of Imran Khan. He is defaming the esteemed institute of Election Commission of Pakistan in accordance with a preplanned plot, Kayani said.

“It is a frivolous allegation and general in nature. It is true that I wrote majority decisions but most of the decisions required at least two members to jot it down,” he told.

Refuting Azfal Khan’s claim regarding rigging, Kayani said that this was a scripted conspiracy against democracy. Afzal Khan is taking revenge for not getting a job extension, he blamed.

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October 21, 2014
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