LAHORE - A group show of paintings of seven students under the title 'Encounters opened at Rohtas Gallery on Monday.
The students including Aamir Habib, Ammad Tahir, Fiza Ahmad, Madiha Bano, Noor Yousuf, Seher Naveed and Sivim Naqvi from Indus Valley School of Art and Karachi University showcased their 17 pieces of artist work at the gallery.
A good number of art lovers were present on the occasion.
The show would remain continue till February 2.
Sharing their views the artists said, What ties the works together is its experimentation, whether in terms of medium or presentation.
We all have been trained in traditional mediums.
However, our works tend to push the boundaries of tradition through the use of either digital mediums or traditional use of graphite on looking mirror and assortment of other mixed media combinations.
I reflects on Pakistans political misgivings through my work and I satirically, draws attention to the masses myopia that prevents us from even questioning the cosmetic democracy with the key message being the 'inaction of the elite and masses alike, that makes anything possible and even the ludicrous acceptable, Aamir Habid said.
Ammad Tahir while terming about his work said the work revolved around a wave of violence which had trapped the city of Karachi.
He said it had come to a point where no one was safe.
My drawings instigate the sense of insecurity among the people both inside and outside their homes.
There is no safe place in Karachi, he added.
Noor Yousuf said in a state of being the reflective object became an endless abyss taking in reality by storing copious episodes from life.
The reflections in the mirror seemed unpronounced, they were forgotten and replaced with the passage of time and every new encounter erased the last, he added.
The mirror is evidence of our existence.
This body of work as an exploration deals with notions about the past as the present and the present as an accumulation of the past in which the mirror beneath its surface hides glimpses of its encounters and becomes a hidden space, he concluded.

This news was published in The Nation newspaper. Read complete newspaper of 25-Jan-2011 here.