Raja Tajammul passes away
LAHORE - Raja Tajammul Hussain, who was conferred with the award of Karkunan-e-Pakistan for his efforts during the Freedom Movement, passed away at his home in Karachi on February 24.
He was born in Kucha Noor Ahmed, Gujranwala. He celebrated his 86th birthday just two days before leaving us. Regardless, we can still revisit some memorable events in his life also reflected in his autobiography. Though, a man of varied interests, Tajammul was an outstanding orator and debater. As captain of his debating team at Government College Lahore, he won the All India Debating Trophy at Aligarh University. He also was a student at Law College.
Hussain was also renowned for his interest in poetry and culture. As a member of the civil service, he championed the cause of artists and writers. He was a very close friend of Faiz Ahmed Faiz and other renowned poets.
He maintained lifelong friendships with most of the stars in Pakistans literary firmament: Zehra Nigah, Nasir Kazmi, Ahmed Faraz, Sufi Tabassum, Meeraji, Jameeluddin Aali and many others.
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Raja Tajammul Passes Away
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October 25, 2014
October 25, 2014
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