Man killed in Panchayat firing
Man killed in Panchayat firing

LAHORE  - A 55-year-old man was shot dead while his two brothers were wounded seriously by their opponents during a reconciliatory meeting in Baghbanpura, police said on Wednesday.
Investigators said that Mumtaz Hussain, Shahzad, and Ijaz had a dispute with their sister over some unknown issue. On the day of incident, the elders of the family had called a Punchayat to settle the dispute.
The reconciliatory meeting was in progress at Rahmat Street when their brother-in-law, Atta Ullah, and his sons opened fire on them.
The gunmen fled the crime scene, immediately after the shooting. Mumtaz and his brothers sustained multiple bullet wounds and were rushed to a hospital, where Mumtaz was pronounced dead. His body was, later on, moved to the morgue for autopsy.
The condition of the injured was also stated to be critical till Wednesday night. Police registered an FIR against Atta Ullah, the prime suspect and started investigating into the case.

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October 21, 2014
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