Punjab govt to analyse tribunal report
Punjab govt  to analyse tribunal report

LAHORE - The Punjab government has constituted a committee to carry out a detailed analysis of the judicial report into Model Town incident and make recommendations and a way forward accordingly.
“The moment the subject missing documents are received, the report shall be referred to the committee and further necessary action would be taken in the light of the recommendations of the committee”, said an official handout issued on Tuesday.
Meanwhile, a spokesman of the Punjab government has clarified that the report of the Judicial Tribunal on Model Town incident was received and examined. It has been observed that the report required further analysis, as it was inconclusive. Since the report was based on certain documents, statements and affidavits, which were not provided with the report, therefore, a request was immediately made to the High Court for the provision of the documents so that the report may be reviewed and necessary action taken.

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September 30, 2014
September 30, 2014
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