LAHORE – The PML-N has chalked out a plan to foil the federal government move to create Bahawalpur Janoobi Punjab (BJP) and project the party stance on new provinces in the country. Sources said the party would, by no means, give a free hand to the federal rulers who appeared to be in a hurry to materialise the dream of BJP province. “The PML-N has resolved to oppose the government sponsored BJP province inside and outside the parliament. After a decision has been taken at a recently held party meeting to table constitutional amendment bill for the creation of three new provinces, namely Bahawalpur Province, Janoobi Punjab (Multan Province) and Hazara Province, the party has worked out a public protest programme as well,” the sources said. They said: “The plan includes mass mobilisation, holding of rallies and taking out processions as well as enlightening the people about the real intentions of the federal government behind the creation of BJP province.” The focus of the party campaign would be on the southern part of the Punjab while the party would also convey its message to the masses, said the sources while not over ruling the possibility that rallies would also be addressed by party president Nawaz Sharif. They said the schedule of public meetings would be announced after return of Nawaz Sharif from Umrah while the party parliamentarians, office bearers and activists had been given a go-ahead to make preparations. Sources further said electronic media may also be used to present the party point of view while the party persons appearing in the talk shows have been directed to present unified and firm stance on the new provinces.Meanwhile, Provincial Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan said the drama of new province was being played by the PPP only to score political points while this party was not at all sincere in intentions. “The PPP wants to stall the creation of new provinces therefore it is taking arbitrary decisions without taking the people of Punjab into confidence and giving any regard to their needs,” Sana said.The law minister said the Punjab Assembly approved and sent to the federal government a resolution on the new provinces a year ago but it was dumped and now a conspiracy, through the MQM and the ANP, was on against the people of Punjab. “The ANP has opposed to Hazara Province in Khyber PK but surprisingly, it is staunchly supporting division of Punjab,” Sana added. He said this was an elections stunt being played by the ruling coalition but the new province would be created by the PML-N after being voted to power. Rejecting the federal commission’s recommendation on new provinces on Tuesday, the PML-N spokesman said the Punjab Assembly-carried resolution over the issue was valid and the same would be pushed for implementation.According to him, the PPP was playing political gimmick on the issue. He said the new provinces in Punjab could be established only in the light of Punjab Assembly resolution. The spokesman accused the PPP of being non-serious on the creation of new provinces as it appointed commission head a person who was a member of the personal staff of President Asif Ali Zardari.“The commission head is from KPK and he is ineligible to be elected as councilor,” he said, adding that the resolution passed by the Punjab Assembly a year ago, mentioned the establishment of Bahawalpur and Multan provinces and the commission had no valid authority to make decision over the issue.

This news was published in The Nation newspaper. Read complete newspaper of 31-Jan-2013 here.