India unhappy over Sino-Pak friendship
May 23, 2013

India seems to behave like its mentor US, and is becoming embroiled literally in every incident that takes place in the Asian continent, with its large force lying in wait doing nothing perhaps it intends to expand its horizon and step over other nations just like the US? It was concerned over Pakistan handing over the operation of its strategically-located Gwadar port to China as well as showing concern that China has invested in the Maldives, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Every country has the right to development and on whom to approach for help in economic sector.
Gwadar is Pakistan’s central port. If exploited to its fullest, it has the potential of becoming one of the most important ports in the Middle East and Central Asian. It would connect China with the oil-rich Arab countries. It is a warm-water port. It operates throughout the year. It is a deep seaport, and can handle large ships. It can even connect India and China directly to the Middle East.
The Gwadar Port is expected to generate billions of dollars in revenues and create at least two million jobs. The Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, Hong Lei, said Gwadar is a commercial project, part of longstanding bilateral cooperation. China will actively support any program that benefits Sino-Pak relations and the prosperity of Pakistan. India has never wanted to see Pakistan emerge as a prosperous nation.
Karachi, May 15.

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