Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) Chief Nawaz Sharif has expressed the confidence that his party will win the approaching general elections.Addressing a public meeting in Mailsi on Friday‚ he said the outcome of recent by-elections reveals popularity of his party.He claimed that law and order situation during his government was much better than today.The PML-N chief alleged that the present government has taken record loans and the country is facing gas and electricity shortfall.“There is neither gas nor electricity in the country but the poor person is still receiving bills,” he said adding that the PML-N government would curtail the electricity load shedding across the country.PML-N leader said that the country was going through a period of crisis but PML-N would take the country to the heights of success after coming into power.“I am not saying that there were no problems in our earlier tenures but we worked hard to resolve the problems.”“In our tenure, there was no terrorism and suicide attacks,” he said adding that Balochistan situation has got worse in the PPP tenure.“Millions of rupees have been looted by the corrupt people and the profitable state institutions like PIA and Pakistan Railway are facing record losses,” he said.