RAWALPINDI\MIANWALI - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said the upcoming general elections would bring forward the leadership which would rectify the anomalies and distortions created by the present rulers.He stated this while distributing solar lamps among girl and boy students of educational institutions of Rawalpindi and Mianwali.Some 17,000 solar lamps worth Rs 250 million were given to the students who excelled in examinations. The chief minister claimed President Zardari and his cronies have destroyed all the institutions of Pakistan, owing to their unwise decisions and corruption. He said that the corruption has attained a new peak in the country. He said upcoming general elections would bring a leadership into power which would change the country through its good and wise policies. He further said the caretaker setup would be installed in the country in next six to eight weeks that would also be helpful to steer the country out of crises.The CM said after provision of solar lamps every student would have a facility to study during loadshedding, which was a gift of the federal government. "Now some 17,000 houses will be enlightened with solar lamps," he added. He said the corruption of Islamabad rulers in Rental Power Projects, Ogra and Cheechu Ki Maliyan power projects have pushed the schools, colleges and hospitals into darkness besides destroying the economy.The Punjab government lit the lights in all the houses plunged into darkness owing to the loadshedding by spending Rs 250 million on solar lamps, he said. He said PPP-led government made mockery of the verdicts of apex court, gifted hunger, poverty, unemployment and terrorism to the people of Pakistan. Shahbaz said the students who would score 60 per cent marks in examination would also be awarded laptops in upcoming days. He said he would have no regret if all the resources of Punjab government would be spent on promotion of education. He said Daanish Schools, laptops, internship programme and solar lamps would bring a revolution in the country.Addressing the inaugural ceremony of a Daanish School at Hernoli, district Mianwali, the chief minister said Daanish schools were providing education to orphans and children of families with low income and students are being provided quality education through modern smart boards in these schools. He said “If a Daanish school can operate in a downtrodden town like Hernoli, the darkness in the country can also be removed, but a sincere and determined leadership is required. Daanish schools are providing quality education at par with Aitchison College and Grammar School. Even at institutions like Aitchison College, education is not being imparted through smart boards. Daanish schools are a unique example. Daanish schools are not meant for the children of ministers and the rich, as only orphans and less-privileged children have the right to get education here.”He said if the leadership is full of determination and the spirit of hard work and honesty, public welfare projects are implemented and no scandal of plunder to the tune of billions of rupees is committed. He said that billions of rupees were looted in rental power projects, while a dacoity of Rs.80 billion was committed in OGRA. He said Hujjaj were looted, whereas fraud of Rs70 billion was committed in Punjab Bank. He said mega scandals of corruption are clear proof of incompetence and looting of Zardari and his cronies. He said decisions of the court have been flouted.He said that BJP jugglery of Zardari would soon die, as he is not serious in making new province, while they are talking about forcibly including Mianwali and Bhakkar in BJP province. He said where Zardari was when the people of Mianwali and south Punjab districts were facing worst flood and extreme difficulties. He said a few elements are suddenly talking about accountability when the elections are near. He said those who enjoyed in Canada for seven years are now talking about reconstitution of Election Commission and making electoral reforms. On the occasion, the students and their parents paid rich tributes to the Punjab chief minister. Separately, the CM also condoled the death of Nawab Ghulam Muhammad, father of MPA Maj (r) Muhammad Azam Ghaiba at Pindi Gheb. The chief minister and other participants prayed for the departed soul and sympathised with the members of the bereaved family.

This news was published in The Nation newspaper. Read complete newspaper of 08-Feb-2013 here.