LAHORE As the nations will commemorate December 10 as the International Human Rights Day across the globe on Saturday (today), the Indian armed forces are committing worst kinds of human rights abuse in the occupied territory.
Since the United Nations has badly failed to resolve not only the Kashmir dispute but also the lingering issues of human rights violations in the Indian Held Kashmir (IHK), the so-called champions of human rights are keeping mum over the juvenile injustice and abuses on children being committed by Indian armed forces with impunity.
India has never hesitated in employing every kind of inhuman and torturous methods to suppress the resolve of freedom fighters in Held Kashmir.
Since 1989, Indian security forces have killed 6,988 innocent Kashmiris in custody while figures of women gang-raped or molested stand at 10,017.
Worst of this situation is that even the children, regardless of sex have not been spared of these atrocities.
Recently, an Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) report titled 'Juveniles of Jammu and Kashmir: Unequal before the Law & Denied Justice in Custody, has come as whistleblower exposing injustices being done to theHeld Kashmir children.
The report highlights how in contravention to international law minors are arrested under PSA, and not produced in the courts and lodged in adult jails.
Startlingly, the juveniles are kept in inhuman conditions where they are not even provided basic amenities of life and health facilities.
Worst enough is that there is no separate juvenile facility for illegally detained girls and they are put in police lock-ups at the mercy of haggard-looking policemen who have every chance to abuse them.
The study also mentions insensitivity and non-seriousness on the part of State authorities to rectify these erroneous and unpardonable abuses to the international law related to juvenile justice.
Irony of fate is that in India the flawed 1986 Juvenile Justice Act was replaced with Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2000, whereas Indian occupied Kashmir has yet to see the enactment of this law.
It only reflects Indian cunning attitude and hatred towards the Kashmiri people.
Previously also, the international watchdogs on human rights have been indicating ongoing human rights violations in the Indian occupied Kashmir.
While International Committee for Red Cross (ICRC) exposed the reign of torture unleashed by the Indian security forces in the occupied Kashmir in sheer abuse to basic principles of humanity, the Amnesty International (Al) recorded another episode of Indian repression by exposing arbitrary use of an illegal and draconian legislation Public Safety Act (PSA).
Not long ago, State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) revealed the presence of mass graves enshrouding missing persons in Held Kashmir.
And now the report of Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) is another addition to the chapter of atrocities in Held Kashmir.
The present report of ACHR and the previous studies only expose the tip of the iceberg because the real cause of all this on part of India is to deny right of self-determination to a nation, which is separate and distinct in its identity.
These revelations which have come afore from time to time serve as a warning for international community which should uphold the cause of Kashmiri freedom and stop India from committing these worst kinds of human rights abuses.
On December 10th 1948, the UN General Assembly unanimously adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Since then, December 10th is celebrated every year worldwide as Human Rights Day.

This news was published in The Nation newspaper. Read complete newspaper of 10-Dec-2011 here.