Lal Masjid Commission resummons Musharraf

ISLAMABAD  - A Commission probing Lal Masjid Operation in 2007 on Monday resummoned former president, General  (retd) Pervez Musharraf and former prime minister, Shaukat Aziz on February 12 (Tuesday).
The one-man Commission constituted by Supreme Court of Pakistan had summoned Pervez Musharraf on February 8, but a day before date of appearing, Ms. Afshan Adil, an Advocate visited the Secretariat and confirmed that the former president had got the summoning notice.
According to the secretary commission, however, neither the witness nor his said Counsel appeared before the Commission on February 8 and due to non-appearance, former president has been resummoned on Tuesday (February 12).
Similarly, Shaukat Aziz, former prime minister was summoned for February 8 but he did not appear and now he has been resummoned.
It may be mentioned here that, the Commission had decided to summon the former president and former prime minister after hearing a number of witnesses.

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