HALA – Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif has urged the nation to exercise their right of vote carefully and correctly in the upcoming general elections for a better future of the country.“Only people can change destiny of the country by voting for the right people in the next general elections. If the people chose the PML-N, we will bring about a change in the country,” he said while addressing a public gathering organised by the Sindh United Party (SUP) at Hala Bypass, district Matiari on Saturday.Nawaz said that reforms could be brought about and the system can be transformed if the voters would elect sincere, dedicated and honest representatives so that corrupt practices in all fields could be rooted out.“If the people don’t realise this, anyone can deceive them by staging a drama,” he said, in an apparent reference to Qadri’s long march. He was of the view that if the government had run country’s affairs in consultation with the opposition, the scenario could have been entirely different.The former premier said that the people of Sindh would not be left at the mercy of cruel rulers. He said the purpose of politics should be the betterment of the masses, not to create rifts among the people.The PML-N president said that the wrong economic policies of the government aggravated the plights of people. He said that he had visited Sindh when it was inundated by flood and helped the victims on humanitarian grounds.”I feel sad to see the steps being taken by the government. There is no government in flood-hit parts of Sindh.” He was critical of provincial health department’ performance saying that 550 children have lost their lives due to measles outbreak.Nawaz expressed concerns over the targeted killings in Karachi and sectarian violence in Quetta. He said that the government had given the people death, theft, extortion and unemployment. He said that bloodshed, terror and horror had become hallmarks of the day ‘in the name of so-called democracy’. He told the people that the government was not implementing the verdicts announced by courts. “Criminals are allowed to escape the country.” He said that poor policies of the government had destroyed industry and agriculture.” He said that the people have rejected the controversial local government system and are ready to foil any attempts for dividing Sindh. He asserted that uniform local bodies system should be implemented in Sindh.The former premier said his party would not allow a few thousand people to make the entire country hostage for unconstitutional demands.While claiming credit for the restoration of judiciary, Nawaz said that it is the apex court which is initiating suo moto actions against corruption, law and order, extortions and unconstitutional acts.“We saved the judiciary as the country will be further strengthened with presence of strong institutions,” he claimed.Among others, Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah, Syed Shah Muhammad Shah, Syed Yasir Shah, Mumtaz Ali Bhutto, Syed Ghous Ali Shah, Liaquat Jatoi and Dr Qadir Magsi also addressed the participants of the gathering.

This news was published in The Nation newspaper. Read complete newspaper of 20-Jan-2013 here.