Former Member of National Assembly, belonging to the Pakistan Muslim League – Quaid (PML-Q), Begum Shehnaz Sheikh submitted a list of  twenty dual national lawmakers in an open letter written to the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry alleging that all dual nationality cases were not equally dealt with.Those mentioned in the list include petroleum advisor Dr Asim Hussain, Sabin Rizvi, Araish Kumar, Tayyab Hussain, Dr Nadeem Ahsan, MQM’s Haider Abbas Rivzi, Raza Haroon Fauzi Ejaz, Doctor Tahir Ali Javed, Jameel Ashraf, Murad Ali Shah and Sadiq Ali Memon.The Supreme Court had suspended the National Assembly membership of  Begum Shehnaz Sheikh for allegedly holding Australian citizenship in October last year.The letter listed the names of 20 ‘dual national’ lawmakers adding that a few of those continued to remain at their posts, according to Shehnaz Sheikh.The PML-Q lawmaker alleged that she was not justly dealt with despite her resignation.Shehnaz Sheikh further claimed that all dual national lawmakers were not equally treated adding that all dual nationality holding lawmakers were not asked to return all the monetary benefits drawn during the period they occupied the public office and other emoluments from the public exchequer, including monthly remunerations, TA/DA and facilities of accommodation, along with other perks.The suspended lawmaker requested the court to stop all proceeding of reimbursement of monetary benefits granted to suspended lawmakers until a decision was reached on review appeal filed against the supreme court’s judgment of disqualifying 11 members of Parliament and provincial assemblies for holding dual nationality.