MULTAN - President, Mango Growers Association Pakistan and Mango Growers Cooperative Society Limited Multan Zahid Hussain Gardezi has declared the reports by Pakistan Water Council (PWC) on the future water situation in Pakistan as 'spine chilling for the entire nation, asking the government to take immediate steps to cope with looming crisis.
Talking to the journalists here on Thursday, he regretted that the reports jolted entire agriculture community have not affected the Government or the opposition parliamentarians or political leaders.
He said that there is no denying that the Country is passing through grave national crises as it embattles vices of terrorism and extremism, but the nation and the security agencies are also putting up strong fight against this menace.
What is surprising and frightening is the discreet silence against a fatal and non reversible debacle awaited in shape of looming drought like situation in a nation which was a global pride with weird labyrinth of rivers.
The land of five rivers Punjnad which we inherited after partition from India was first struck by the infamous Indus Water Treaty which has been religiously adhered to by Pakistan.
On the contrary our neighbouring India is said to have continuously violated the accord and has build innumerable small and large Dams on our rivers, probably with the convenient silence from our side.
Zahid Gardezi said that we have made Pakistan vulnerable to all type of intrusions but our last bastion of defence, security and prosperity is Agriculture, which should not be compromised.
He urged patriotic politicians, Farmer Organizations, Civil Society and people of Pakistan to raise their voices in unison to urge Government to seriously raise water issue with India and International Community and also plan water conservation on war footings.
He said that decisions about the future of Pakistan lie in the hands of the people of Pakistan and the civil society.
If we can have Dharna against drone attacks or other peril which are bound to end we should react more viciously against a permanent collateral damage being perpetuated for our coming generations.
He said nation should not be prepared for Water Wars but a serious dialogue and cross talk should be held till the logical end of the water threat.
Islamabad must include water as a major focus of agenda in the future composite dialogue with India.

This news was published in The Nation newspaper. Read complete newspaper of 24-Jun-2011 here.