LAHORE - Nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan says it is regrettable that despite being a nuclear power Pakistan can’t manufacture even a needle and imports it, like many other items, from China.Answering questions in ‘Insight’ programme of the Waqt News, he said many were of the opinion that Pakistan could not become a nuclear power. But, he said, he gave the country this capability, as a result of which Pakistan’s defence has become invincible. He rejected the assertions that Pakistan’s nuclear assets are unsafe.  Its components have been placed at different places and they will have to be assembled before use. There’s no possibility of somebody picking up these parts, putting them together and stealing them.A number of countries have been propagating that Pakistan’s nuclear assets could fall in the hands of militants.The nuclear assets are absolutely secure, said the nuclear scientist.He said Pakistan had manufactured Ghauri missile in cooperation with North Korea. About the utility of the nuclear weapons, he said it could be gauged from the fact that when the late Gen Zia told then Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi that Pakistan had nuclear weapons, he changed his plans (to attack the Islamic Republic).As for ties with India, Dr Khan said friendship with it would be possible only when New Delhi knew that it could not defeat Islamabad.  Till then, he said, relations on the basis of equality were possible. Replying to a question, Dr Khan said Pakistan was being mercilessly destroyed and the rulers had failed to put it on path to prosperity.The country was blessed with countless resources but they were not being used properly. He said even military dictators could not set the situation right. In fact, he said, everyone tried to prolong his stay in power by joining hands with what he called thieves and dacoits.Dr Khan, who also heads Tehrik Tahaffuz-i-Pakistan, said his party was in a position to change the destiny of the country with the support of the masses.He said he had made an open offer to other parties for cooperation. But he hastened to add that he would not like to join hands with the looters.

This news was published in The Nation newspaper. Read complete newspaper of 29-Jan-2013 here.