Imran Khan preps marchers to 'step ahead'
Imran Khan preps marchers to \'step ahead\'

ISLAMABAD- Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan today told the ‘Azadi March’ participants to be prepared to ‘step ahead’, adding that he would soon make an important announcement.

Addressing the participants of the sit-in in Islamabad, Khan told the marchers to prepare to step ahead, adding that the male members of the sit-in will lead while the female members would follow. Earlier, PTI chief said that they had requested the prime minister to step down from the premiership for as long as the investigation continues.

Imran Khan questioned "isn’t the democracy in jeopardy when the PM lies on the floor of the parliament?" Any nation can accept any sort of a prime minister but a liar, he said. The Sharif dynasty has vested their money abroad and urged the people of Pakistan to bring their money to the country, he added. Khan insisted and invited all the people to come and join him for the sit-in for the sake of their ‘own future’.

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