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star earths crowded super
June 26, 2013

Star crowded by super-Earths

PARIS -Three “super Earth” planets have been found orbiting a nearby star at a distance where life in theory could exist, according to a record-breaking tally announced on Tuesday by the European Southern Observatory (ESO).The three are part of a cluster of as many as seven planets that ...

Earths Temperature Risen 1c 1950s
November 14, 2011

Earths temperature has risen 1C since 1950s

A NEW study led by a controversial physicist has claimed that the global land temperature has risen by 1C since the 1950s. Richard Muller and his team from the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperatures project (BEST) from Berkeley University in California used data from 1800 to 2009 to present their ...

Google Earth's help to be sought for BISP transparency

KARACHI (Online) - President Asif Zardari on Friday said that assistance would be taken from Google Earth to identify 'goths and villages to ensure fair distribution of amount under the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) among the deserving people. Addressing to 11th draw of 'Wasila-Haq ...

Dragonfly-shaped skyscraper could feed Earth's population

A DRAMATIC vertical greenhouse shaped like the wings of a dragonfly could revolutionise farming in cities around the world, according to its architect. The bizarre looking 600m tall building was designed by Belgian designer Vincent Callebaut and would be based on Roosevelt Island in New ...