Topic: Glasses
smart glasses blind
June 18, 2014

Smart glasses for the blind

Daily MailLondonA simple trip to the shops, or a short walk, can be difficult for sight-impaired people. But now smart glasses, developed to help people with limited vision avoid walking into obstacles, are being trialled in public spaces for the first time. The high-tech specs are designed to give ...

surgeons smart glasses theatre
May 10, 2014

Surgeons to use smart glasses in theatre

BBC London - Surgeons in Devon are trialing the use of “smart glasses” in the operating theatre. The voice-activated glasses, designed by Google, are worn like spectacles but contain a video camera, a tiny display and can connect to the internet. David Isaac, orthopaedic surgeon at ...

overt tinted glasses draws cws
January 12, 2014

Overt use of tinted glasses draws CWS concern

SHEIKHUPURA-The Citizen Welfare Society (CWS) condemned the tinted glasses vehicle running in and around the city particularly on those roads and streets where academic institutions are located. CWS President Muhammad Ahmad said that many incidents of abduction had already occurred in various parts ...

japan glasses translate menu
October 01, 2013

Japan glasses translate menu as you read

CHIBA, Japan:  Augmented reality glasses that can translate a menu in real time were unveiled at a Japanese gadget fair Monday, with promises they could be ready for visitors to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.NTT Docomo was showing off its latest development where cameras, computers and know-how ...

August 08, 2013

End of 3D glasses?

Massachusetts, USDMResearchers have developed a way to create a 3D image through a single lens, without moving the camera.The technology could allow amateur photographers and microscopists to create the impression of a stereo image without using expensive hardware. It could also provide a cheaper ...

tinted peshawar glasses
July 24, 2013

Bar on tinted glasses in Peshawar

The Deputy Commissioner Peshawar has under Section 144 Cr.PC ordered and prohibited use of tinted glasses and plying of unregistered vehicles within the jurisdiction of District Peshawar. Anyone found violating this order shall be liable to be proceeded against under section 188 PPC. This order ...

Facebook and Twitter jump on Google glasses

SAN FRANCISCO - Facebook and Twitter launched applications for Google glasses as developers rushed to learn more about tailoring software for the Internet-linked eyewear yet to hit the market.“Built by Facebook, this app allows you to upload photos from Google Glass directly to your Facebook ...

bizarre glasses jetlag
May 07, 2013

Bizarre glasses that could mean the end of jetlag

SYDNEY: They are not the most stylish of eyewear, but Australian researchers say this strange device could mean the end of jetlag - and could even help teens get up in the morning. Researchers have spent 25 years developing the £180 ‘re-timer’ glasses, which uses a green light ...

op tinted glasses vehicles cards
April 10, 2013

Op against tinted glasses vehicles on the cards

RAWALPINDI - City Traffic Police (CTP) have decided to launch operation against vehicles having tinted glasses, without number Plates vehicles and motorcycles respectively due to security purpose.In view of this, they have sought special squad   to make this campaign more successful who ...

ban display weapons tinted glasses
March 26, 2013, 7:49 pm

Ban on open display of weapons, tinted glasses

Interior ministry has decided to ban open display of weapons, and tinted glasses for vehicles with immediate effect.The new policy, as announced in an official announcement on Tuesday, and to be implemented soon, aims to cancel previous permissions regarding these two issues affective March31st.A ...

Laxity Tinted Glasses Ban Ssp Zubair Hashmi
January 20, 2009

No laxity in tinted glasses ban: SSP Zubair Hashmi

ISLAMABAD - Senior Superintendent Police Muhammad Monday said that no relaxation would be given to vehicles having tinted glasses and displaying of non-pattern numberplates in the Capital. He was reviewing the progress report of the current month wherein tinted glasses of 275 vehicles were ...

Yemen Floods Claim Least 14 Lives
October 25, 2008, 4:19 pm

Yemen floods claim at least 14 lives

At least 14 people have drowned and around 35 are missing in Yemen after torrential rain left swathes of the impoverished country underwater, officials said on Saturday. At least 500 homes have been damaged and hundreds of families displaced by the floods that swept the south-eastern provinces of ...

Telescope Embedded Glasses Lens
August 03, 2008

Telescope embedded in glasses lens

GLASSES embedded with a telescope promise to make it easier for people with impaired vision to drive and do other activities requiring sharper distance vision. Schepens Eye Research Institute scientists describe the advantages of these innovative glasses over earlier devices in an article published ...

Dark Glasses Captivities
May 19, 2008

Dark glasses and captivities

CITY NOTES I suppose all of you out there are due, rather overdue, for congratulations, because you have lived to see the day when Khalid Maqbool is no longer Governor of the Punjab. The chap who came over from NAB, just before the 2002 elections, stayed throughout the Ch Parvez Elahi years, ...