Topic: Julynov
Rtos Process Refund Claims Rs 193b Julynov
December 09, 2010

RTOs process refund claims of Rs 1.93b in July-Nov

LAHORE The Regional Tax Offices has processed 4,080 sales tax refund claims worth Rs 1.93 billion during first five months of the current financial year. In the corresponding period last year, the erstwhile Collectorate of Sales Tax and Federal Excise, Lahore had processed 2,197 claims involving ...

Lsm Growth Declines 557pc Julynov
January 23, 2009

LSM growth declines to 5.57pc in July-Nov

ISLAMABAD - Large Scale Manufacturing (LSM) growth has declined to 5.57 per cent during the first five months (July-November) of the current financial year due to economic slow-down and high interest rates and poor law and order situation. Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) released Quantum Index ...

Remittances Rise 15pc 2967b Julynov Fy09
December 14, 2008

Remittances rise by 15pc to $2.967b during July-Nov FY09

KARACHI - Remittances sent home by overseas Pakistanis continued to show a rising trend as an amount of $2,966.51 million was received in the first five months (July-November, 2008) of the current fiscal year 2008-09, showing an increase of $379.44 million or 14.67 percent over the same period of ...

Govts Borrowings Sbp Widen Rs376b Julynov
November 28, 2008

Govt's borrowings from SBP widen to Rs376b in July-Nov

KARACHI - Despite maintaining aggressive fiscal and monetary stance, the government's inflationary and budgetary related borrowings from the State Bank have sharply widened to Rs 376 billion from July to November, 2008. In the corresponding period of last fiscal, the government's borrowings from ...