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Malik urges Senate not to discuss Raza's murder

ISLAMABAD Interior Minister Rehman Malik kept on contradicting his statements in the Upper House, as he, on one hand, said the House should not hold a debate on the murder of MQM leader unless inquiry was completed while on the other hand he blamed banned Outfit Sipah-i-Sahaba for the ...

Family Razas Ali Bear Govt Study Expenses
June 16, 2010, 6:18 pm

Govt to bear study expenses of Ali Raza's family: PM

The Prime Minister has specially sent Ms.Neelum Jabbar, MNA from Shorkot to represent him and personally visit the family of Pakistani student Ali Raza who was killed in violent riots in Kyrgyzstan. The Prime Minister asked Neelum Jabbar to convey to the father of Ali Raza that the government would ...