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rivers reservoirs level
September 23, 2014

Rivers, reservoirs level

LAHORE: The position of rivers inflow and outflow at Tarbela,Mangla and Chashma along with the reservoirs levels and the barrages on Monday was as follows: Rivers: Indus at Tarbela-Inflows 79,300 cusecs and Outflows 78,700 cusecs,Kabul at Nowshera: Inflows 16,600 cusecs and Outflows 16,600 cusecs, ...

Large water reservoirs inevitable for progress

LAHORE - The participants of a seminar have advocated early construction of Kalabagh Dam, saying the large water reservoirs are inevitable for the progress and prosperity of the country.In a series of lectures on ‘importance of KBD to resolve present energy crisis’ organised by the ...

reservoirs imperative ward looming water
February 21, 2014

New reservoirs imperative to ward off looming water crisis

FAISALABADPunjab Minister for Mines and Minerals Sher Ali on Thursday said that building more water reservoirs was imperative to fight water scarcity issue which was haunting agriculture sector of the country.He addressed the concluding session of workshop titled “Water Management ...

Efforts underway to explore oil, gas reservoirs in country

ISLAMABAD :  Various Exploration and Production Companies are holding 125 exploration licences to explore oil and gas reservoirs in the country, as it is feared that the existing gas reservoirs of the country will last for sixteen years only. Currently fifty (50) blocks are under process for ...

released dams water reservoirs
November 15, 2013

Rs2,076m released for new dams, water reservoirs

ISLAMABAD : The govt has released so far Rs 2,076 million for construction of dams and water reservoirs during current financial year 2013-14 to effectively meet future power needs. The amount released also included Rs 231.51 million which is WAPDA’s self-financing. WAPDA sources said here on ...

building reservoirs
August 31, 2013

Building reservoirs

We are facing the menace of loadshedding and extreme flood situation in Pakistan. The government needs to take steps to control the worsening conditions, if we build more reservoirs, as well as extend the capacity of existing dams we may be able to save thousands of life and also store and save ...

water pakistan reservoirs
July 06, 2013

Water scarce Pakistan urgently needs reservoirs

FAISALABAD - Pakistan is wasting 40 million acre-feet of water annually by dumping it back to the sea because of lack of water reservoirs so the situation demands evolving of a comprehensive strategy to tackle the issue of water scarcity, said a speakers at a seminar.  The seminar titled ...

‘Ground water reservoirs being depleted fast’

ISLAMANBAD - Pakistan’s water resources are rapidly plummeting and by 2035 its per capita water availability would decrease to lesser than 1,000 cubic meter, said experts at a forum.The second symposium under Human Appeal International Forum (HAI-Forum) “Exploring Opportunities for ...

Early construction of big water reservoirs inevitable: experts

LAHORE - The participants of a seminar Tuesday stressed the need for building huge water reservoirs including Kalabagh Dam to mitigate flood disasters as without building reservoirs country cannot cope with the post-flood devastation completely. “Due to government’s silence over ...

178420 Cusecs Water Released Reservoirs Irsa
May 02, 2009, 12:03 pm

1,78,420 cusecs water released from reservoirs: IRSA

Indus River System Authority (IRSA) on Saturday released 1,78,420 cusecs water from various rim stations. According to IRSA, an overall water inflow from various reservoirs recorded was 1,69,030 cusecs. Water level at Tarbela Dam recorded was at 1401.95 feet. The present water level at the dam was ...