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china carry mining coal salt range
September 22, 2014

China to carry out mining of coal in salt range

LAHORE - An MoU was signed between Punjab government and China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) for mechanical mining of indigenous coal in salt range here on Sunday. Secretary Minerals Dr Arshad Mahmood signed MoU on behalf of Punjab government while Vice President Jingkai on behalf of ...

salt t link bp
September 14, 2014

Salt doesn’t link to high BP

London  - Doctors have long warned of the dangers of a high-salt diet. But a new study has revealed sodium does not cause high blood pressure, and the link between the two is ‘more complex than once believed’.Hypertension is the most prevalent chronic disease across the ...

benefits iodised salt enumerated
April 07, 2014

Benefits of iodised salt enumerated

HAFIZABAD -: District Officer (Coordination) Allah Ditta Warraich has stressed the need for the use of Iodised salt for prevention from different diseases. He was addressing a meeting held in connection with the Universal Salt Iodisation Programme which was attended among others by Programme Field ...

kiwis rub salt india wounds
February 14, 2014

Kiwis look to rub salt in India wounds

WELLINGTON - New Zealand will blood two new players in the second Test against India starting in Wellington Friday as they look to cap a golden summer without star performer Ross Taylor. Tom Latham replaces the high-scoring Taylor, who will remain at home with his wife due to give birth, while the ...

iodized salt consumption stands punjab
February 07, 2014

Iodized salt consumption stands at 69pc in Punjab

BHAKKAR  -  Punjab Nutrition Wing Focal Person Dr Sajjad Sarwar said that consumption of iodized salt at the household level had reached 69 percent. He was addressing a refresher training workshop on the subject “iodization techniques, quality control and legal framework of ...

pinch salt
November 30, 2013

With a pinch of salt

Cartoon network is one of the most favorite cartoon channels for all children. As cartoon network is a 24 hours channel, so children spend most of their leisure time in front of it. One of the main factors which influence the children while watching these cartoons now is violence. Violence is a ...

lakki admin bar iodised salt
September 20, 2013

Lakki admin to bar non-iodised salt

LAKKI MARWAT - The district administration has decided to tighten vigilance on the border with Punjab to stop transportation of non-iodised salt to the district.The decision was taken at a meeting held in district secretariat on Thursday with Deputy Commissioner Syed Mujeebur Rehman in the chair. ...

salt eat
May 30, 2013

Can you eat too little salt?

Here on Sicily’s west coast, there are two main crops: olives for oil and grapes. There was once a third: salt.Most high school students learn that salt was one of the motivating factors for the growth of the Roman empire, and that words for “salary” and “salad” come ...

Polish mine launches salt photo contest

WARSAW - One of the oldest salt mines in Europe, Poland’s Wieliczka, called for photos of salt from across the globe for a contest and show at its underground museum.“We thought it would be good to learn about the rest of the world’s salt and compile a portrait of it,” ...

As heatwave grips country, loadshedding adds salt

larkana/islamabadSevere heatwave accompanied by loadshedding has gripped several cities of interior Sindh, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Sunday. A report said that seven people lost their lives due to heatstroke in different areas. The temperature has gone up to 47 degrees centigrade in Larkana ...

Lower salt intake reduces chances of blood pressure

ISLAMABAD – A study analyzed that a modest reduction in salt intake for four or more weeks caused significant falls in blood pressure in people with both raised and normal blood pressure. This happened in both men and women, irrespective of ethnic group, it was reported. The study led by ...

Salt processors determined to eliminate iodine deficiency

MANDI BAHAUDDIN - EDO Health Dr Amjad Iqbal has said that use of iodised salt prevents iodine deficiency disorders. He was addressing a training programme for salt processors of district jointly organised by the Department of Health and The Micronutrient Initiative here the other day.  He ...

iodised salt reached 69pc: survey
February 27, 2012

Use of iodised salt reached up to 69pc: Survey

BHAKKAR - School children all over the district are being educated about Iodine Deficiency Disorders in seminars organised at government schools by the Health department in collaboration with Micronutrient Initiative-Pakistan.The views were expressed by Bhakkar EDO Health Dr Mumtaz Hussain Sajjid, ...

americans eating salt bread
February 09, 2012

Americans eating too much salt in bread

Nine out of 10 American adults consume too much salt and the leading culprit is not potato chips or popcorn but slices of bread and dinner rolls, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Tuesday.Forty-four percent of salt consumed can be linked to 10 types of foods, CDC said. Bread ...

Power Shock Rubs Salt Wounds
October 15, 2011

Power shock rubs salt into wounds

ISLAMABAD - Making life further difficult for poverty-hit people of the country, the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) has increased power tariff by Rs 3.04 per unit, ostensibly under Discos fuel adjustments formula sought by the Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA). Prior to ...

17pc Iodised Salt Household Level
August 07, 2011

Only 17pc use iodised salt at household level

ISLAMABAD (APP) Health experts have said that the utilisation of iodised salt at the household level was only 17 percent in the country despite 56.4 percent people were aware about importance of this salt. According to them, low consumption of iodised salt at domestic level can have adverse ...

Abbottabad raid rubbed salt into nations wounds

Our staff reporter SHAHKOT - The Abbotabad debacle on May 2, has added insult to the wounds of the nation inflicted by 1965, 1971, Siachin and Kargil wars and the American trampling of Pakistan sovereignty by conducting a unilateral raid inside Pakistan is the biggest dilemma of the national ...

Universal Salt Iodisation programme

LAHORE - Ministry of Health Deputy Director General Nutrition Wing Dr Baseer Achakzai, while distributing prizes amongst the best IDD/USI Project districts, has paid tribute to the hard work of district health staff and Micronutrient Initiative Punjab team in achieving Universal Salt Iodization ...

Floodwaters Enter Khewra Salt Mines
August 07, 2010, 3:39 pm

Floodwaters enter Khewra Salt Mines

Owing to poor policies and managements from PTDC Floodwaters have entered in to the historical Khewra Salt Mines. According to details owing to prevailing torrential rains across the country floodwaters reached to salt mines of Khewra and at the protest from tourists and visitors ...

Rejects return to Bernabeu to rub salt in Real's eyes

MADRID (AFP) One of the great ironies of the 2010 Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Inter Milan at Real Madrids Bernabeu stadium on Saturday is that the main protagonist for each side will be a Real reject. Bayerns Arjen Robben and Inters Wesley Sneijder were forced out of the ...

Pepper Worth Salt health
July 30, 2009

A pepper worth its salt to your health

FOR those too busy to eat their five a day, help is at hand. Scientists have developed a pepper that contains more vitamins and antioxidants than any other variety. Just one ACE pepper - named after the vitamins it is rich in - contains the recommended daily intake of vitamin C and half that of A ...

Pakistani Rock Salt Demanded Ihk
December 13, 2008

Pakistani rock salt demanded in IHK

ISLAMABAD (APP) - Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) in occupied Kashmir has said that rock salt of Pakistan has a huge demand in the Kashmir Valley even today, hence it should be allowed to be imported from the Line of Control. Executive member, KCCI, Altaf Ahmad Tramboo said that the ...