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Third-party intervention on Kashmir a must: PM

THE HAGUE - Zeeshan Shamsi/Agencies - Underlining the need to resolve the Kashmir issue, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday said India hesitated every time Pakistan approached it for talks. He was speaking to media persons after holding a meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry on the ...

Poll authority, scientific body lock horns

ISLAMABAD - Dismissing any foul play on part of his department regarding the provision of allegedly substandard magnetic ink used in this year’s general polls, the chief of Pakistan’s premier scientific body has rejected the related allegations levelled by the poll authority.“We ...

jumpy caterpillar shies sun
August 22, 2013

Jumpy caterpillar shies the Sun

PARIS: The larva of a Vietnamese moth has devised a unique form of transport - constructing a leaf cone and thrashing about inside to make it jump, a study showed Wednesday.Even more remarkably, the tiny caterpillar manages to steer its leafy vehicle in a clear direction along the forest floor - ...

Hollywood Shies Away 911inspired Movies
September 04, 2011

Hollywood shies away from 9/11-inspired movies

LOS ANGELES (AFP) - For many people, the images of commercial airliners hitting the Twin Towers, and of Manhattan engulfed in a huge dust cloud as they collapsed, looked like a Hollywood apocalypse-style movie. But despite that or maybe in part because of it 9/11 has not generated as large a ...

G20 Vows Mend Budgets Shies Bank Tax
June 06, 2010

G20 vows to mend budgets, shies from bank tax

BUSAN (AFP) - Market convulsions sparked by Europes debt crisis show that major hurdles to global economic recovery remain, G20 nations said Saturday while vowing to fix their fiscal houses. After a two-day meeting, finance ministers and central bankers from the worlds leading economies said recent ...