Topic: Vexes
gas pressure vexes residents
March 24, 2014

Low gas pressure vexes residents

MANDI BAHAUDDINSui gas supply to domestic consumers remained disconnected for the third consecutive day, causing a lot of problems to the public, especially to the women across the district. Normal routine of the citizens has been badly disturbed. Due to low pressure prices of cooked food and bread ...

tma mafia collusion vexes road
December 26, 2013

TMA-mafia collusion vexes road users

HAFIZABADSet up with the connivance of traffic police and extortion mafia, encroachments on the most of busy thoroughfares and illegal rickshaw stands have created problems for motorists and pedestrians here, it is learnt. The Tehsil Municipal Administration and traffic police have launched several ...

wasa vexes public
May 02, 2013

Wasa vexes public

LAHORE - The residents of Islampura protested against Wasa’s Ravi Road Sub-Division for suspending water supply despite availability of electricity.The residents gathered outside the Islampura office and chanted slogans against the Wasa authorities. They said they have been facing acute ...

Rapid Hike Railway Fares Vexes Masses
February 02, 2011, 1:06 pm

Rapid hike in railway fares vexes masses

Passengers have strongly protested and fought with booking clerks over the increase in railway fares, implemented here in Sahgla Hill from the other day. As per details, protesting against the increase of the ticket-prices of railway, several men and women put their railway journey to an end. Old ...