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Govt plans to ‘apply brakes’ to population growth

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan plans to slow South Asia's fastest population growth rate through enhanced education for women to ensure sustainable economic expansion for the world's sixth-most populous country.The country will try to reduce its population growth to 1.2 percent a year by 2025 from about two ...

awkward moment brakes ride
February 04, 2014

Awkward Moment can’t put brakes on Ride Along

REUTERSLOS ANGELES/NEW YORK -Buddy cop comedy “Ride Along, starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, cruised to a third straight weekend at the top of the box office charts, outearning new release “That Awkward Moment.”“Ride Along” collected $12.3 million (£7.5 million) ...

warns vehicles hit brakes
June 23, 2013

System warns if vehicles ahead hit brakes

London: Car giant Ford has developed revolutionary new ‘wi-fi’ brake lights that warn other drivers to slow down to avoid a rear-end shunt – even when they can’t see why.It knows when cars that are out of sight around a blind corner – or  even hidden in traffic in ...

Vaccine temporarily brakes HIV

MADRID - A team of Spanish researchers say they have developed a therapeutic vaccine that can temporarily brake growth of the HIV virus in infected patients. The vaccine, based on immune cells exposed to HIV that had been inactivated with heat, was tested on a group of 36 people carrying the virus ...