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From the 1920s to post 2010, the Indian subcontinent has seen ups, downs and well, quite contrasting times. Take for example the earliest film of the great cinema of the subcontinent. We started with the golden eras of Prithvi Raj, Dillip Kumar, Raj Kapur, Madam Nur Jahan, Santosh Kumar, Sabiha ...

Washington conundrum: Where to stockpile mountains of NSA data?

Figuring out where to house mountains of data collected by the National Security Agency is the thorniest challenge the United States faces in curtailing its massive surveillance, officials have revealed.In a long-awaited speech designed to quell a furore over the programs exposed by fugitive former ...

July 18, 2013

Security conundrum

After the killing of TTP’s senior commander Waliur Rehman in a drone attack Pakistan experienced a violent wave of terrorism hitting almost every part of the country. Generally, this entire violent backlash in the country is being attributed to the ongoing drone attacks in the FATA. Now, ...

energy conundrum
May 23, 2013

Energy conundrum

Energy is a prerequisite for economic development of a country. Pakistan is facing severe energy crisis for a couple of years fatally affecting its industries and power generation capacities. So, for reducing the increasing magnitude of energy shortage, a multi-billion dollars project “IP gas ...

election conundrum
April 06, 2013

The election conundrum

The National and Provincial Assemblies have completed their tenures and caretakers have assumed controls to see through Pakistan till the next transition. Despite a week in office, the cabinets are incomplete. As the realities of the onerous challenges dawn on them so will the late inductions into ...

Indias Nuclear Conundrum
May 02, 2011

Indias nuclear conundrum

Japans nuclear disaster has fuelled fear and uncertainty among the worlds producers of nuclear power. For India, an energy-starved country, much is at stake. That fear factor has two main causes. Although nuclear power ranks as a clean source of energy, it is accompanied by the terrible shadow of ...

Pakistan Presents Conundrum Report
December 03, 2009, 11:51 am

Pakistan presents conundrum for US: report

It is one of the ironies of America's war: while close to 100,000 troops will soon be deployed inside Afghanistan, Obama's core enemy the men who plotted the 9/11 attacks are located across the border in Pakistan. In his West Point speech, Obama identified the tribal belt that straddles the two ...