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Imran ups the ante, eyes Sharifs’ ouster

LAHORE - In a major shift, the PTI has changed the aim of its Azadi march to toppling the Nawaz government, though it had earlier presented its electoral demands as the main purpose of the Independence Day showdown. “We will march on Islamabad on August 14 despite all the odds and will not ...

dynastic politics
October 30, 2013

Dynastic politics

The difference between Mr Imran Khan and other leaders of the country is that Imran Khan has given to the nation a state of the art institution and his personal dedication while others have looted and plundered the nation taking away nation's wealth to the foreign lands. Mr Khan also doesn’t ...

Deep-rooted dynastic politics rules the roost

SIALKOT - The dynastic politics cannot be ignored here especially in NA-111 constituency, and thus is gaining momentum with every passing day. The candidates fielded by the main stream political parties are also battling for getting support of influential families. The pre-polls political arena ...

chattha compares dynastic
March 25, 2013

Chattha compares dynastic politicians with opportunists

SIALKOT - PML (Likeminded) Chairman Hamid Nasir Chattha has urged the masses to elect honest, responsible and competent leadership through the power of vote in the upcoming general elections.Talking to the newsmen here, he said that huge difference existed between the full time and part time ...