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shah phones discusses cec
October 16, 2014

Shah phones PM, discusses new CEC

ISLAMABAD - Leader of opposition in the National Assembly (NA) Syed Khursheed Shah has suggested Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to abolish the condition that Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) has to be a retired Supreme Court judge."A politician or a retired bureaucrat could also be considered for the ...

first lane pedestrians phones
September 17, 2014

World’s first lane for pedestrians using phones

MOLBeijing The world’s first lane for mobile phone addicts who cannot put down their beloved devices has been created.The 100ft-stretch of pavement in the Chinese city of Chongqing has a lane specially painted for people who have their eyes glued to their screens. It has a picture of a phone ...

turkey phones nawaz
September 12, 2014

Turkey PM phones Nawaz

ISLAMABAD: The newly elected Prime Minister of Turkey Dr. Ahmet Davutoglu made a telephone call to Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Thursday and extended his condolences on the loss of life and property due to the heavy floods in various parts of the country. The Prime Minister thanked Dr. ...

zardari phones party heads
September 03, 2014

Zardari phones party heads

ISLAMABAD - While the government has received support from all the opposition parties, PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari on Tuesday telephoned parties heads to deliberate on a future course of action to deal with the protesting parties (PAT & PTI).These party heads included JI Amir Sirajul Haq, ...

phones shahbaz
August 20, 2014

PM phones Shahbaz

LAHORE : Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif telephoned Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Shafrif and discussed the situation erupted from the entry of the PTI and the PAT workers into the Red Zone. Sources say both the Sharifs decided to adopt wait-and-see policy and not to take any action in view of the fact ...

phones human
August 09, 2014

Phones becoming more human

Daily Mailsilicon valley When it comes to personal assistant apps, Google and Apple lead the way with their Now and Siri services. But Google may be trying to establish itself even further in the market, and steal an edge on its rival, following the purchase of Emu. Emu is similar to Google Now ...

maulana tariq jamil phones imran khan advises sober
August 09, 2014, 8:51 pm

Maulana Tariq Jamil phones Imran Khan, advises him to be sober

LAHORE- Eminent Islamic preacher and cleric Maulana Tariq Jamil rang up Pakistan Tehreek-e-Inasf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan andappealed for a peaceful rally on August 14. In a telephonic call from Turkey, Jamil prayed that August 14 would be passed without any mishap. He hoped that PTI's scheduled ...

zardari phones imran vote recount
August 06, 2014

Zardari phones Imran, backs vote recount

ISLAMABAD - While Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has started holding consultations with political leadership to counter PTI’s Azadi March, PPP Co-chairman PPP Asif Ali Zardari once again put weight behind Imran Khan’s demand of recount in disputed constituencies.“PPP agrees to the ...

smart phones kill polio
July 27, 2014

Smart phones to help kill polio

SIALKOTThe Health Department has provided smart mobile phones to all the vaccinators in Sialkot district’s 124 union councils to bring the vaccination under the advanced information technology network.A ceremony was held in which senior officials of the Health Department distributed the ...

misusing mobile phones
July 14, 2014

Misusing mobile phones

GUEST WRITER Talk to someone special whole night free, stay online all the time in just 5 rupees, text as much as you can: these are the night packages for the cellular subscribers in Pakistan. Cellular companies, all over the world, are undoubtedly offering special discount offers during off ...

Mobile phones carry bacterial fingerprint

BBCWashington Smartphones reflect the personal microbial world of their owners, say US scientists. More than 80% of the common bacteria that make up our personal bacterial ‘fingerprints’ end up on their screens, a study suggests.Personal possessions, such as phones, might be useful for ...

discuss shahbaz sharif phones governor idps
June 25, 2014, 12:51 pm

KP Governor phones Shahbaz Sharif to discuss IDPs

Peshawar- Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sardar Mehtab Abbasi telephoned Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and discussed ongoing relief activities for the internally displaced persons of North Waziristan. The Governor thanked the Punjab Chief Minister for establishing 500 million rupees fund for ...

vodafone phones tapped
June 07, 2014

Vodafone says phones are tapped

LONDON : Telecommunications giant Vodafone on Friday admitted the existence of secret wires that allow government agencies to listen in to conversations on its networks. The company said the tapping is widely used in some of the 29 countries in which it operates. Revealing its cooperation with ...

China CMCA keen to manufacture mobile phones in Pakistan

ISLAMABADGovernment wants to make a smartphone accessible to a common man at a low cost and this target can only be achieved if mobile phones are manufactured locally. MoS IT Anusha Rahman said this while talking to a high level Chinese delegation comprising of  CEOs and heads of leading ...

kerry phones nawaz
May 30, 2014

Kerry phones Nawaz

ISLAMABAD - US Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday evening phoned Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. Both leaders discussed matters of mutual interest.Special Correspondent from Washington adds: The United States Thursday strongly condemned the killing of a Pakistani pregnant woman, ...

Mobile phones affect teenagers brain

Reuters LONDONBritish researchers are launching the largest study in the world to investigate whether using mobile phones and other wireless gadgets might affect children’s brain development.The Study of Cognition, Adolescents and Mobile Phones, or SCAMP, project will focus on cognitive ...

mobile phones built clothes
April 29, 2014

Mobile phones could soon be built into clothes

MOLMelbourne-The frustration of losing your mobile phone could soon be a thing of the past thanks to new technology that could print it on a T-shirt. Scientists have designed the world’s first ‘spaser’ - a nanoscale laser - made out of graphene and carbon. They claim the spaser is ...

mobile phones check cancer signs
April 28, 2014

Mobile phones can check cancer signs

London  - Imagine blowing into your mobile phone to check whether you have cancer. That might sound fanciful and even scary but scientists at a British firm say they are now just two years away from making it happen.The inventors, at Cambridge University spin-off company Owlstone, have already ...

android gains us basic phones extinct
April 21, 2014

Android gains in US, basic phones almost extinct

WASHINGTON - The Google Android platform grabbed the majority of mobile phones in the US market in early 2014, as consumers all but abandoned non-smartphone handsets, a survey showed. The poll by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners found 53 percent of new mobile phones activated by US customers ...

Shipments of cell phones sans IMEI numbers won’t be cleared

ISLAMABAD - Cell phones importers, who did not take into consideration the Pakistan Telecom Authority’s orders to not to import phones without IMEI numbers, will now probably face huge losses as their shipments will not be cleared.Not only the importers will face the consequences for this ...

india police detain foreign crew phones
February 10, 2014

India police detain foreign TV crew over phones

KOLKATA  - Indian police have detained a group of 49 foreign nationals who were shooting a reality television show for illegally possessing satellite phones, a police official said Sunday.Police seized the phones from the foreigners in West Bengal state, where they were apparently shooting the ...

sale mobile phones sans pta approval blocked
December 17, 2013

Sale of mobile phones sans PTA approval blocked

ISLAMABAD - Due to growing security threats and the use of cellular devices in terrorism-related activities, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has banned the sale of mobile phones without its prior approval, according to a media report. The report cited a a letter sent to the Federal ...

PTA’s campaign to curb grey traffic continues

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA), in its continued efforts to curb grey traffic, has blocked more than 200,000 Inernet Protocl (IP) addreses, 1382 mobile SIMs and 3160 phones/devices through their International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers during last one month.The grey ...

murdoch staff hacked phones politicians
November 01, 2013

Murdoch staff hacked phones of politicians

LONDON: Reporters on Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World repeatedly hacked the phones of senior politicians and even rival journalists in a desperate bid to get ahead on salacious front-page stories, a London court heard on Thursday.Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson, two of Britain’s most ...

cell phones sale cent
October 21, 2013

Cell phones’ sale likely to up by 7.3per cent

KARACHI - Sale of mobile phones is likely to rise by 7.3 per cent during this monetary year and 7.5pc increase has been observed in the sale of locally manufactured vehicles in first 3 months (July to September) of the current fiscal year, in which 32,481 vehicles have been sold. As per Auto Mobile ...

nisar shut phones cell eid
October 16, 2013

This Eid, cell phones won’t be shut: Nisar

LAHORE - Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan has said that mobile phone service will not be shut on Eid-ul-Azha.  The interior minister also said that bomb blasts could not be averted by shutting mobile phone services alone. His statement came after reports that police high-ups in some parts ...

wearable mobile phones built
September 23, 2013

Wearable mobile phones built

Berkshire, UK MetroBeing seen with the latest mobile phone has become as important to fashionistas as the latest designer labels.Now designer Sean Miles has found a way to bring the two together. For his Christmas collection, the 42-year-old ‘upcycled’ old handsets and incorporated them ...

India behind Pak unrest: Nawaz

ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said on Friday that his government can frame special laws to grant Gwadar a special status like that of Hong Kong. Declaring Gwadar a free port will bring multiple advantages to the nation and the region, he said.Chairing a meeting on Kashgar to Gwadar ...

karzai phones zardari exchange eid
August 11, 2013, 8:02 pm

Karzai phones Zardari to exchange Eid greetings

Afghan President Hamid Karzai Sunday phoned President Asif Ali Zardari to exchange Eid greetings. Spokesperson to the President Senator Farhatullah Babar said that President Zardari thanked his Afghan counterpart for his call on the occasion of Eidul Fitr and conveyed, on his own behalf and on ...

UN chief phones ElBaradei to urge protection of people

UNITED NATIONS - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has expressed his profound concern about the direction in which the transition in Egypt is moving and reiterated his strong condemnation of the upsurge of violence that has led to scores of people killed and hundreds others injured.In a telephone ...