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sweat powered battery charge phone
August 16, 2014

Sweat-powered battery could charge your phone

BBCCalifornia - A sweaty gym workout is not only good for your health - it could also energise your phone. A tattoo that produces power from perspiration has been unveiled at the American Chemical Society meeting.The biobattery is fuelled by lactate - which is naturally present in sweat after ...

Curiosity rover blasting rocks on Mars with N-powered lasers

Washington DM  - It is the nearest there has ever been a nightclub on another planey. Nasa today revealed video footage showing its Curiosity rover firing lasers on the red planet. The ChemCam laser instrument has zapped more than 600 rock and soil targets on Mars since Curiosity landed in the ...

airbus fly battery powered planes
April 27, 2014

Airbus to fly battery-powered planes in 20 years

 DMBerlin -If you thought Tesla's cars were the most innovative electric vehicles around, think again. Aircraft maker Airbus Group NV is learning from carmakers as it works on developing a small plane powered by hybrid electric engines that could represent its first move into the market for ...

solar pakistan parliament powered
April 24, 2014, 3:19 pm

Pakistan's parliament to become solar-powered

Islamabad- The whole electricity system of the Parliament would be shifted to solar system within one year. "Parliament of Pakistan would be the first in the world which will be shifted to solar system" said an official of National Assembly while talking to media today. Memorandum of Understanding ...

first solar powered car
August 09, 2013

World’s first solar-powered family car

Brabant, Netherlands Daily MailA breakthrough in sustainable energy and car design has enabled a team of engineers to build the world’s first solar powered family car. The Dutch team have created the world’s first ‘energy positive’ car, which means it produces more energy ...

powered wins prize
July 14, 2013

Human-powered helicopter wins US prize

WASHINGTON, DCAFPA Canadian-built helicopter that is powered by a human riding a bicycle has become the first winner of a decades-old $250,000 engineering prize, the US awarder said Friday.The American Helicopter Society had never given out its Igor Sikorsky Human-Powered Helicopter Award - ...

World’s largest all-solar-powered boat shines in NYC

NEW YORK - The world’s largest fully solar-powered boat, “Turanor PlanetSolar,” docked in New York on Tuesday during a mission to study the effects of climate change on the Gulf Stream current.Sponsored in part by the Swiss government, the 35-meter (115-foot) catamaran is crowned ...

Planes powered by cows, floating luggage

Toulouse, France -MOL  - Planes powered by cow flatulence, luggage that floats on air and planes that harness passenger body heat could all one day be a possibility - if the engineers of tomorrow get their way.  These are some of the shortlisted entries of the global Airbus’ Fly ...

powered branch abl solar
June 09, 2013

ABL’s solar-powered branch

FAISALABAD (PR): Allied Bank Limited inaugurated its first ever totally solar powered branch atJhang Road,Faisalabad. This is the first such branch by any bank inPakistanand demonstrates Allied Bank’s commitment towards healthy and clean environment by reducing its carbon footprint. This ...

gayle powered rcb maul kkr
April 12, 2013

Gayle-powered RCB maul KKR

BANGALORE - Chris Gayle played yet another scintillating knock as his unbeaten 85 ensured a convincing eight-wicket victory for Royal Challengers Bangalore over defending champions Kolkata Knight Riders  on Thursday.Chasing a decent target of 155, 'Gayle storm' struck KKR as RCB knocked off ...

thar coal powered plants future
October 03, 2012, 8:48 pm

Only Thar Coal Powered plants in future: PM

The government has decided that in future only Thar coal would be used for coal-based power generation and all conversions of existing and construction of new power projects will be designed on Thar Coal specifications, in the country.This landmark policy decision was taken by Prime Minister Raja ...

Tractor Powered Harvesting Machine
October 07, 2011

Tractor powered harvesting machine

KARACHI Milliat Tractors has signed an MoU with JF, a Brazilian agricultural machinery company, through which JF Brazil will provide Milliat tractors with the technology for gradual indigenous production of tractor powered harvesters in Pakistan. These machines also have the ability to store grain ...

Mobile Powered Fizzy Drink
January 15, 2010

Mobile powered with a fizzy drink

WE know a can of cola can give us a much needed shot of caffeine, now it seems it could power our mobile phones as well. Chinese designer, Daizi Zheng, has created a concept Nokia mobile phone that is powered by sugary soft drinks. The graduate, from Central St Martins college in London, designed ...