Topic: Solar
solar storms frequent
September 15, 2014

Solar storms get frequent

NYT NY - The sun has been regurgitating a lot of solar flares these days, and now, a couple will be knocking at Earth’s door this weekend.The originator of these flares is a particularly complex sunspot called AR2518, which is currently facing our planet. Late Monday night, the spot produced ...

solar storm heads earth double sun blasts
September 13, 2014

Solar storm heads Earth’s way after double sun blasts

WASHINGTONTwo big explosions on the surface of the sun will cause a moderate to strong geomagnetic storm on Earth in the coming days, possibly disrupting radio and satellite communications, scientists said Thursday. The unusual storm is not likely to wreak havoc with personal electronics but may ...

Nepra to hold hearings for tariff adjustments, upfront solar rate

ISLMABAD  - National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) will hold public hearing of the yearly and quarterly tariff adjustments on Thursday, whereas second hearing for the development of upfront solar tariff would be held on September 8.According to officials, during the hearing ...

grid solar power resolve energy icci
September 01, 2014

On-Grid Solar Power System may resolve energy problem: ICCI

ISLAMABAD - On-Grid Solar Power System Project has been designed to introduce a demonstration unit of solar electricity generation system in order to tackle energy shortage in the country. This was stated by Shoban Khalid president Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) while talking to ...

solar energy resolve crisis
August 31, 2014

Solar energy can resolve crisis

FAISALABAD - Use and promotion of solar energy is the only affordable solution to effectively face the energy crisis in Pakistan.This was stated by Engineer Suhail Bin Rashid, President Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI), while talking to Shafqat Ullah Butt Manager Corporate (Sales) ...

solar based water supply scheme mohmand
August 21, 2014

Solar-based water supply scheme in Mohmand

PESHAWAR - Corps Commander Lt Gen. Khalid Rabbani inaugurated solar-based water supply scheme in Mohmand Agency on Wednesday. The inaugurated water supply scheme at Kalokhel is part of the UAE Pakistan Assistance Programme under which total of ten solar-based water supply schemes with an amount of ...

Green power blooms as Japan unveils ‘hydrangea solar cell’

TOKYOAFPA solar cell that resembles a flower is offering a new take on green energy in Japan, where one scientist is searching for renewables that look good.In a country badly scarred by the tsunami-sparked nuclear disaster at Fukushima three years ago, the hydrangea-inspired solar offering is ...

demystifying tax solar panels
August 08, 2014

Demystifying the tax on solar panels

On July 24, 2014, a blog published in Dawn reported a 32.5% tax on the import of all solar equipment and machinery in Pakistan. It said, “…the decision to tax solar panels is beyond comprehension and a work of sheer stupidity. We were all in for a massive surprise when the federal ...

solar shortage
August 06, 2014

Solar Shortage

Pakistan has a growing solar power industry that has been saving a lot of the populace from the horrors of government electricity and its shortages. Unfortunately, the finance ministry has gotten whiff of this and wants a chunk of the pie with the imposition of a Solar Tax. This is no minor tax and ...

solar superstorms pose threat earth
August 02, 2014

Solar superstorms pose threat to Earth

NEW York  - Solar ‘super-storms’ pose a ‘catastrophic’ and ‘long-lasting’ threat to life on Earth, a scientist has warned. These huge storms are caused by violent eruptions on the surface of the sun and are accompanied by coronal mass ejections, or CMEs. ...

traffic signals at rawalpindi cantt shifted solar
July 28, 2014, 5:43 pm

7 traffic signals at Rawalpindi Cantt shifted to solar system

RAWALPINDI- As many as 7 traffic signals installed on the avenues at Rawalpindi cantt have been shifted to solar system. This move has been initiated in line with Rawalpindi Cantt Board (RCB) policy for conversion of all traffic signals installed on the avenues and roads passing through Cantonment ...

earth survived solar storm
July 26, 2014

Earth survived near-miss from 2012 solar storm

WASHINGTONBack in 2012, the Sun erupted with a powerful solar storm that just missed the Earth but was big enough to “knock modern civilisation back to the 18th century,” Nasa said.The extreme space weather that tore through Earth’s orbit on July 23, 2012, was the most powerful in ...

china set solar projects
July 24, 2014

China to set up 1,800mw three solar projects

lahore - A memorandum of understanding was signed between Punjab government and a prominent Chinese company Zonergy here on Wednesday under which he Chinese company will set up a 900mw solar project at Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park within 21 months, and another 500 mw solar energy project in 15 months ...

Installation of 125 kwp solar power project at Wah Nobel

ISLAMABAD (PR): Reon Energy Solutions has recently completed a 125 kWp solar power installation commissioned by Wah Nobel Group of Companies. The inauguration of the project was held on July 14, 2014. Members of the higher management of both companies and senior officials attended the ceremony. The ...

solar water pumps a blessing
July 09, 2014

Solar water pumps, a blessing?

Water is prime necessity to live. Unfortunately, Pakistan has been declared a water stressed country. The Association for Water, Applied Education and Renewable Energy (AWARE), a Thar based NGO, has installed solar water pumps in two villages namely, Taluka and Chachro. I have personally visited ...

solar energy tubewells
July 06, 2014

Solar energy be used to run tubewells

MULTAN : Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) president Khawaja Usman said the energy crisis could be reduced by putting agri tubewells on alternate energy. In a statement issued here on Saturday, he said a total of one million tubewells were being used to irrigate land across the country ...

pak envoy visits solar plant japan
July 04, 2014

Pak envoy visits solar plant in Japan

ISLAMABAD - Ambassador Farukh Amil visited the Oita Mega-Solar Plant in Oita Prefecture, the largest in Japan in order to know how its expertise could be helpful for finding solution to persisting energy crisis of the country. The envoy’s visit was part of the government’s policy to ...

Germany to set up solar power plant at Rachna Industrial Park

lahore-The German investors will construct a Solar Power Plant at Rachna Industrial Park, on Lahore Sheikhupura Road with foreign investment and initially this power plant will produce 3Megawatt of electricity for the factory owners of the industrial park. It is expected that the power plant will ...

iran solar car a visa us
June 13, 2014

Iran’s solar car ‘a visa to US’

AFPQAZVINIt is not easy for an Iranian to visit America. With no US embassy in Tehran since 1979, obtaining a visa usually requires two costly trips to Dubai or Turkey.A group of Iranian students, however, have a far bigger problem - they want to send a car to the United States. Only then will they ...

solar pumps address water issue
June 11, 2014

Solar pumps to address water issue

QUETTA - In order to address the drinking water issue in far-flung areas of district Nushki, Azat Foundation (AF) Balochistan in collaboration with USAID’s Small Grants and Ambassador’s Fund Program (SGAFP) has launched a project installing solar pumps.People in remote areas of Nushki ...

solar plane debut eye global trip
June 03, 2014

Solar plane makes debut with eye on global trip

AFPPAYERNE, Switzerland A sun-powered plane made a successful test flight on Monday, clearing a vital hurdle towards its goal of a round-the-world trip next year, its pilot and mission chiefs said.Solar Impulse 2 carried out a flight lasting two hours and 15 minutes, half an hour longer than ...

students solar rawalpindi lamps
June 02, 2014, 1:32 pm

Rawalpindi: 5700 students get free solar lamps

Rawalpindi- Punjab government will provide solar lamps free of cost to 5700 students from Rawalpindi division schools. These lamps will be provided under Chief Minister Punjab Ujala program. These lamps will be delivered to students who have secured requisite marks in 9th class examination. . As ...

Solar wind triggers lightning on Earth

BBCLONDOn-Activity on the Sun is sparking lightning strikes here on Earth, a study suggests. Scientists have found that when gusts of high-speed solar particles enter our atmosphere, the number of lightning bolts increases.The research is published in the journal Environmental Research Letters. ...

16 buildings to be converted on solar energy

SLAMABAD - Sixteen buildings of government institutions on the Constitution Avenue of the federal capital will partially be converted on solar energy under the ‘Green Public Buildings’ project. According to the Ministry of Science and Technology sources, a comprehensive feasibility ...

Sun sets on Spaniards’ solar power dreams

ALBACETE, Spain - “The sun could be yours,” the Spanish government promised in 2007, encouraging citizens to invest in solar power. Many who did now wish they could give it back.Tens of thousands of indebted Spaniards have found themselves lumbered with fields full of expensive solar ...

inaugurates pakistan nawaz first solar power project
May 09, 2014, 12:35 pm

Nawaz inaugurates Pakistan’s first solar power project

Bahawalpur- Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif inaugurated Pakistan's first 100 megawatt solar power project in Bahawalpur today. The project, which will cost Rs.15 billion, is likely to be completed by December this year. In the second phase, officials said, the solar project would add 300 MW in the ...

wind solar projects aedb chief
May 07, 2014

2,000MW from wind, solar projects by 2016: AEDB chief

ISLAMABAD - Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) Chief Operating Officer Asjad Imtiaz Ali said Tuesday that up to 1,000 megawatt wind power would be added to national grid by March 2015, while another 1,000 megawatt solar energy will be added by 2016.In an interview with The Nation, he ...

govt capitalise solar taxi
May 05, 2014

Will govt capitalise on solar taxi?

ISLAMABAD - A private company has proposed an innovative solar taxi system for the capital, claiming that it will not only provide a cheaper transport to the people but will also reduce import bill.The proposal came from Islamabad-based Economia, which grabbed huge media attention last month after ...

Nasa reveals solar storm that caused radio blackout on Earth

Washington  - The sun has emitted a huge solar flare that caused a radio blackout on Earth. The solar flare erupted from an active sunspot region known as Region 2035 located on the far western side (or limb) of the sun as seen from Earth.The flare sparked a high-frequency radio blackout for ...

solar pakistan parliament powered
April 24, 2014, 3:19 pm

Pakistan's parliament to become solar-powered

Islamabad- The whole electricity system of the Parliament would be shifted to solar system within one year. "Parliament of Pakistan would be the first in the world which will be shifted to solar system" said an official of National Assembly while talking to media today. Memorandum of Understanding ...