Thirteen people were killed in US drone strike in Data Khel in Miranshah.
According to sources, US drone fired two missiles at a house of local Tariq Khan in Data Khel killing 13 people.
Some foreigners including three women and 4 children were also reportedly killed in the attack.
The bodies have been recovered from the rubbles.
This is the first drone attack in Data Khel.
A suspected US missile strike killed 13 people including alleged Al-Qaeda militants in a Pakistan extremist stronghold on the Afghan border on Saturday, security officials said.
The strike hit Datta Khel, a small town in the semi-autonomous tribal area of North Waziristan, a known hotbed of Taliban and Al-Qaeda militants, at around 3:00am (2200 GMT Friday).
It was not immediately clear whether any high-value targets were killed.
"The death toll is 13, including some foreigners, but information is very sketchy because it's a town which is very remote," one security official said on condition of anonymity, updating an earlier figure of eight dead.
"Thirteen people were killed.
Ten of them are militants and the identity of the other three -- whether they are militants or civilians -- is not yet confirmed," a local official said, also on condition of anonymity.
The local official said the compound that was hit belonged to Tariq Khan, a local Wazir tribesman described as a "facilitator of Taliban.
" Taliban sealed off the area and prevented local residents from accessing the site, on the border with Afghanistan.