KHAR - Intensifying action against militants in Bajaur Agency, the security forces on Tuesday claimed killing of seven miscreants and injuring several others.
Paramilitary sources confirmed the militant toll in the latest clash and added that the forces had regained control over urban areas in Khar, the main town in Bajaur tribal district.
"We are a few kilometres from Loi Sam now," a paramilitary official said.
According to officials, the military action against militants was carried out in Tang Khatta area near Khar of Bajaur Agency.
The security forces personnel having observed that militants were ready to ambush a military convoy in Tang Khata area, opened fire on them thus precluding them from materialising their plan.
Eyewitnesses confirmed that during military action seven miscreants were killed and several others injured while scores of militants escaped leaving behind their guns and bullets.
Meanwhile, a mortar shell landed over a house in village Shagai, killing a 50-year-old woman.
The officials informed that security forces succeeded in ejecting the militants from their strongholds through intensified shelling in the night between Monday and Tuesday.
The security forces pounded the militants suspected hideouts in Bayee Cheena, Mulla Said, Jar, Mula Keley, Kosar, Dabar, Badan and Dama Dola.
Tribesmen have welcomed the security forces in the area.
The security forces were planning to reach Loya Sum, which is in occupation of the miscreants since August 6 last.
Agencies add: The Frontier Corps troops have secured a large tract of land from Alizai up to adjoining Loi Sam in Bajaur Agency.
During this operation, the force overcame a number of pockets of resistance, said a Press release by FC Headquarter in Peshawar.
A major encounter took place at Rashkai, where many local and foreign miscreants were killed in heavy exchange of fire with Frontier Corps troops.
Stongholds established by miscreants in the area were also destroyed and at least 15 improvised explosive devices were neutralised on the main route connecting Khar with Nawagai.
All leftover resistance in the area is being wiped out by security forces.
Meanwhile, unknown assailants shot dead four persons in troubled Tehsil Kabal, district Swat on Tuesday.
According to police, the bodies of all the four victims were found in the maiz crops.
One of the victims was identified as Arif Khan, who was the nephew of PPP-S District President Sher Shah Khan.
Later the bodies were sent to their native villages.
Police was investigating into the incident.

This news was published in The Nation newspaper. Read complete newspaper of 10-Sep-2008 here.