Solution of the sufferings and miseries of the people of rains and flood hit areas of Sindh have not been sorted out as they have to face epidemics due to stagnant water besides shortage of food and absence of medical aid and shelter.
According to details hundreds of villages in various districts of Sindh were still submerged under four to six feet of water causing delay in relief activities and also resulting in breakout of waterborne diseases.
Over flowing sem nullahs and canals have created breaches at various places resultantly inundating hundreds of villages in Badin, Mirpurkhas, Thatta, Umerkot, Khairpur, Benazirabad and other areas of the province.
Stagnant water in tehsil Sajawal, Mirpur Bathero and other places of Thatta, Kot Daiji, Nara, Faiz Gunj area of Khairpur, Jati, Naukot, Jhado, Umerkot and others districts was serving as nurseries for the outbreak of epidemics like Gastroenteritis, diarrhoea, malaria and other waterborne diseases.
Hundreds of people suffering from various epidemics due to absence of medical facilities and serious patients have to be taken to Karachi and other big cities of the province which was an additional burden on already devastated people.
The affected people have demanded the federal and provincial governments and non governmental organizations for taking steps for provision of food, shelter, medial facilities in the devastated areas of Sindh to end the miseries and sufferings of affected population.
They also demanded compensation of losses suffered due to damage to their properties and cultivated lands.