This is with reference to the news about the seminar on the World Water Day-2009 where speakers have unanimously demanded from government to immediately construct Kalabagh dam by developing national consensus on the issue. The participants said that if the politicians had agreed to build the Kalabagh dam earlier, there would have been no energy shortfall today. In order to develop national consensus, it is suggested the government must appoint high-level experts like Dr Mubashar Hasan, Engineer Shams-ul-Mulk (ex-chairman WAPDA), Engineer Aftab Islam Agha (President Institute of Engineers) and Engineer Mushtaq Chaudhry (Ex-Member Water, WAPDA). If the aforementioned members are roped in, one feels confident that the committee will meet success in developing a consensus. After that the government should go ahead with the construction of Kalabagh dam without any delay. -ENGR MUNAWAR HUSSAIN, via e-mail, March 23.