LAHORE - Two injured policemen, doubted to be terrorists, have mysteriously disappeared from the emergency department of the Services Hospital in spite of a strict warning to the Punjab Health Department by the Federal Government that no injured of Manawan terrorist attack should be discharged until the security clearance of the agencies concerned. It has been learnt that two injured persons in police uniform were brought with their identification as Abbas and Shafiq along with other injured policemen on Monday following Manawan tragedy but they were missing after a few hours. The doctors noticed the suspicious development after they had started registering other particulars of the injured hospitalised on that day. When on-duty doctors asked about the 'runways, the staff showed total ignorance. The sources said that the matter was later brought to the knowledge of the administration, which hushed up the issue to avoid stern action. A hospital staff member disclosed that they were not discharged as doctors had been strictly directed not to release any injured policeman without security clearance. The sources privy to the development told that doctors did not know whether they were real policemen or terrorists in guise of policemen. However their mysterious disappearance had triggered stark scepticism about their real identity. Following the disappearance, police department remained abuzz with speculations about the incident, feeling that if they were terrorist, police had lost clue that could lead to more inclusive revelations. According to list prepared by the Hospital concerned, one could found all the particulars about injured including name, age, address, COD number, belt number, nature of injury and time of admission. But the list did not apprise of the two policemen, suspected to be terrorists. Why the relevant information could not filled in the list and only names were recorded, sources said and added that hospital staff was found dumb and deaf when asked about missing data. DMS Services Hospital emergency department Capt (r) Dr Zafar denied the reports of two cops missing from the hospital and said that hospital had received 32 injured policemen while four others were received dead on Monday. Out of the injured cops, he said six have been discharged so far. He further said that now only 27 policemen are left and admitted to the hospital. Out of these, he said, one has been shifted to the private room of the hospital while another has been shifted to the Lahore General Hospital. He however, refused to give further particulars including names of the admitted and discharged patients. It may be recalled that after the oral directions, Federal Government in a letter issued late night on Monday strictly directed the Punjab health department not to discharge the admitted policemen who had got injured in the Manawan incident without security clearance by concerned agencies. In the letter, the Federal Interior Ministry warned the Punjab government that there is strong possibility of terrorists presence in the public hospitals for treatment as some of them were wearing police uniform at the time of Manawan gunbattle. The federal government also directed the city police to speed up process of identity of the injured policemen. On the other hand, the hospital sources said that a large number of injured policemen have recovered completely but the hospital doctors have refused to go their homes. Meanwhile, the Federal Interior Ministry also asked the city police high ups to enhance security in the public hospitals where the injured policemen were admitted for treatment. The police high ups were asked to double the number of security personnel in the emergency departments and the wards where cops were admitted. Some policemen in plain-cloth have also been deputed in the hospitals to keep an eye on the unknown people who visit to meet the victim policemen. Additional Medical Superintendent (AMS) of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Dr Rauf Ahmad said that the administration was strictly directed not to discharge the injured policemen until the clearance of the concerned security agencies. He said that last Monday, 21 injured policemen and bodies of the two other cops were brought at the emergency department of the hospital from the Manawan training center. Out of 21, Dr Rauf said three were still critical while the rest have recovered completely. The hospital administration however did not discharge them following the directions of the Federal Government in this regard. DMS emergency department of the Mayo Hospital Dr Aleem said that 10 injured policemen were brought in the hospital with minor bullet injuries. He said that none of them was discharged despite the fact that they all were quite stable. DMS emergency department Lahore General Hospital (LGH) Dr Kashif said that four policemen who had got multiple bullet injuries in the Manawan armed attack were admitted to the hospital. Out of these one was in critical condition who has been shifted to the ICU while the rest three are admitted to hospital, he said.