I sometimes feel sorry for Asif Ali Zardari for carrying such a heavy load both as co-chairman PPP and President of Pakistan. On both fronts, he is counseled by advisers that do not understand the ground realities. One such person is Ms Fauzia Wahab who recently replaced the soft-spoken and intelligent Sherry Rehman as Information Secretary of the party. She is out of touch with political and historical facts and her arguments on talk shows are generally irrational and, sometimes, actually irritating. Watching her first press conference after she took over the new assignment and, then, listening to her on a TV talk show, it became obvious to me that Mr. Zardari doesn't need enemies to make his life difficult. People like Fauzia Wahab are doing a fantastic job of ensuring that. -DR. GHAYUR AYUB, London, UK, via e-mail, March 27.