It seems the long-lingering electricity crisis would persist longer still, may be indefinitely and more so due to early setting in of summers. There are no indications whatsoever of any positive headway in the widening-by-the-day gap between supply and demand of electricity. The much-trumpeted (before time) civil nuclear technology deal with US, if there ever was one, has also not come through. Washington has already made one such deal and that is with India. That is that. The unfortunate, and extremely embittered, Pakistanis would thus continue to suffer long hours of loadshedding because of the 'sins of proliferation of one nuclear scientist of ours, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan. His public confession of the crime in 2004 closed all avenues for our acquisition of this technology in 2010. The news from Washington is depressing. It seems the US has not given any assurance to Pakistan regarding the civil nuclear technology. Foreign Minister Shah Mahmud Qureshi made no mention in this regard in his talk with media upon his return home. It is quite apparent that India has prevailed upon the US to refrain from entertaining any request from Islamabad on technology comparable to the one offered to India. International media says India won on the issue by citing Pakistans track record on proliferationan obviously not-so-oblique reference to Dr Khans nuke-smuggling network. So brace for (further) long hours of loadshedding in this long hot summer ahead. Nothing much we can do except may be think about rapid up-gradation of the nuclear facilities that we do have at presentKarachi, Chashma, Khushabon priority basis in order to minimize the gnawing gap between demand and supply of electricity. -SHAIKH AHSAN ABDUL HAQ, Lahore, March 30.