The a new gift for the people of Lahore from their incompetent federal and provincial governments are the hordes of beggars arrived anew here within the last couple of years. Times were when you wouldnt find a beggar in the Defence area. Now there is a locust of them crawling all over. You cannot stop anywhere and you cannot eat anywhere with out them literally snatching at you with their grimy hands. Their main beat, though, is from the Kalima Chowk, Firdaus Market, Liberty Market on to Moon Market and, then, stretch of The Mall from GPO to Regal. This whole territory is infested thoroughly with them with old men, men, women, women with new born babies, women with medical prescriptions in hands, young men with burnt flesh kept raw for show, teem the land likelocust really. At Garhi Shahu Chowk, there are these stickier kind. They will just stick to you like leeches and wouldnt let go no matter what you do. I have painted just a sketch of the humanity with a hand stretched out for begging and the places they are found. But they are now ubiquitous in Lahore really. When our leaders beg, what can the people do? If the gold rusts, what can the iron do? - JAHANZEB QAZI, Lahore, March 30.