Removing General Zias name from annals of our history is a hot controversy today. I wonder even if we were able to expunge him out of our past, will it improve the power shortages, or law and order in our country or ensure employment for the youth of Pakistan? Will it eradicate, or least cut somewhat, the cut-throat corruption we have or save us from the killing inflation we have? Will we have some gas or water in our pipes in place of the air that we have now? Or improve our infrastructure, health and education et al, at all? Not at all. If it had done any of it, I would have said, by all means delete his name. And do it a hundred times. But, if none of this can happen, why waste our time, moneytaxpayers precious money, and our collective breath on such a farce. -AYAZ AHMAD, Rawalpindi, March 30.