ISLAMABAD - A number of corporate sector organizations lauded the decision to observe World Intellectual Property Day, confirming their participation in 4th National IP conference and exhibition to be held in the Federal Capital.

They also assured their whole hearted support in organizing the events chalked out to mark the occasion. Chief Executive Officers of National and Multinational Organizations gave this assurance during a meeting with the Chairman IPO-Pakistan Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi and Director General IPO Sajjad Ahmad Bhutta here on Saturday, said a press release.

The Chairman IPO talking to executives informed that the "Visionary Innovators" is this year's theme of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and in accordance with the slogan, stakeholders including educational institutions and research organizations had also been contracted to showcase their innovations and creations which would be promoted through an exhibition.

He said IPO-Pakistan is committed to achieve the excellence in IP sector by acquisition of international quality training in different disciplines. He informed that most relevant and qualified personals belonging to enforcement agencies and other partner organizations had been selected for foreign training on transplant manner, similarly the technical staff of IPO and registries had also been providing equal opportunities of training with the objective to improve their efficiency.

Chairman Intellectual Property Organization said that knowledge based economy is imperative for national development and socio-economic uplift of the country. The leading nations are concentrating on capturing international market on the basis of their knowledge, management and Intellectual Property (IP) assets, he added.

He said that due to non compliance of IPR laws in the country the investors are moving to other countries for investment which has adversely affected our economy, industrial growth and the social fabric.

He maintained that government is sincerely trying to address these issues with the objective to provide a conducive and business friendly environment under the protection of IP laws to the stakeholders and investors.

Afridi said that Almighty Allah has blessed our country in abundance the wealth of human and natural resources and if we observe the rule of business in letter and spirit and abide by the IP laws, we can explore new opportunities of trade and business besides attracting foreign investment. Chairman IPO-Pakistan said that service delivery of the IP Registries has been significantly improved. All the Registries have been automated and linked with the IPO Regional Office, Lahore and IPO-HQs, Islamabad.

The stakeholders now have the facility to file applications for the registration of patent, trade mark, service marks and copyrights at Lahore and Islamabad. Afiridi said that an effective program of providing registration facilities at the Chamber of Commerce and Industries had been launched and efforts were being made to expand outreach programme with the assistance of corporate sector.