The conviction of Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai was probably made inevitable by his plea bargaining, but his sentence, two years to be followed by three years of probation, has been called harsh’ by his lawyer, Nina Ginsberg. This sentence again shows up the unjust nature of the so-called and much vaunted American justice system, which also convicted Dr Afia Siddiqui of attempting to murder an American, and then sentenced her to many years in prison. Dr Fai’s crime is supposed to have been doling out money he received from the ISI for years to American legislators, and not declaring the money he is supposed to have received for tax purposes. He is also supposed to have fallen foul of US laws which demand that lobbyists for foreign governments should register themselves with the US government. This was not the charge on which he was convicted, not after the Pakistan government denied giving Dr Fai the money, but his original arrest allowed the US media to sling more mud at the ISI, which has long been an easy and favourite target.

Dr Fai’s arrest had not seen any interest in other countries’ lobbyists, like those of Israel and India, with large amounts of dirty money being funneled through lobbyists. It is unlikely that his conviction will be pardoned, because these two lobbies escape any notice except in the money they are supposed to donate. Only now, tired of incessant and excessive demands, are noises emanating about excessive Israeli influence on the USA. However, so far the Indian lobby has escaped attention. It shows that the US justice system is capable of being misused to convict an innocent man and to cover up those who are committing crimes against the country’s laws.

The US justice system does not achieve perfection. This has become glaringly obvious in the cases of Dr Afia and Dr Fai. And because Pakistan must provide the Kashmiri people, of which Dr Fai is a forlorn representative, the diplomatic and moral support they need to achieve their inherent right of self-determination, it must cease all support to the USA’s War on Terror, which it uses to invade Muslim countries and persecute Muslims like Dr Siddiqui, while it ignores the activities of its allies, Israel and India, and of their illegal activities on its own soil. So long as the USA finds willing tools in the ruling echelons of India and Pakistan, who will do its bidding, the Kashmiri people will not be freed, and fighters for that freedom, like Dr Fai, will keep on being sent to jail.