I fully support your views expressed in your editorial under the above title condemning mean action of ANP government in KP “to expunge from text books an essay on founder of Pakistan Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.” (Mar 22) I regret to observe that ANP policies have remained essentially pro-India and anti-Pakistan. Not only it bitterly opposed Pakistan but Bacha Khan called Sarhadi Ghandhi who was Mr. Asfandyar’s grandfather, wanted his province to accede to India. British government held a referendum in which Muslims of then NWFP voted overwhelmingly in favour of Pakistan. Even his elder brother Dr. Khan Sahib who was Chief Minister refused to salute the Pakistan flag. His government had to be dismissed. So much so that Sarhadi Ghandhi when he died several years ago was buried not in Pakistan but at Jalalabad in Afghanistan according to his will. Anti-Pakistan stance of the family continues to this day in the form of rabid opposition to construction of urgently needed Kalabagh Dam as rightly pointed out by you. ANP argues that it will submerge Noshera but it is only a false pretext as refuted by all eminent engineers and former Chairmen of Wapda belonging to KP.


Lahore, March 30.