LAHORE – PPP Punjab President Imtiaz Safdar Warraich has reproached the PML-N for being a nuisance to the PPP these days.

Talking to media men at the residence of Aziz Begum here on Saturday, Warraich expressed a low opinion of the PML-N- saying: “This party knelt down to Musharraf to go abroad and today its leaders are speaking indecently about the constitutional President Zardari.”

With reference to the tone and tenor of the Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif against President Zardari, he said that the President could have done much against the CM but he refrained from doing so, upholding the policy of reconciliation. He added that the PPP was strictly adhered to suave and decent attitude against other politicians. He claimed that his party was not after power but it stood for the strength of democracy and the democratic institutions.

To a question he grieved that the PML-N workers were damaging public property in their protests against loadshedding, adding that Shahhbaz Sharif was the first Chief Minister who had launched a movement against him own government.