It was very unfortunate that the Indus delta – the sixth largest in the world is on the verge of death due to man-made disaster for the last many years. It was envisaged in “1991-Water Accord”, at least 10 MAF water was to be released downstream Kotri till survey was conducted to fix the exact quantity of water to be released. But sorry to say after passing 22 years of signing the Accord, it is not being implemented in letter and spirit due to intransigence of Punjab.  Consequently, 2.6 million human beings living in area between Kotri and Arabian Sea (Sindhi Sea) are miserably facing hunger and thirst.

It is very unfortunate that lack of badly required water Kotri downstream has resulted in destruction of Indus delta, intrusion of sea water inundating 2.7 million acres of fertile land in Badin and Thatta districts of Sindh besides bringing environmental disaster in the area. These are major problems the people of Sindh are facing nowadays. Obviously, the federal government is unable to save the Indus delta, perhaps not being in Punjab.

It is very sad some people within the ministry of Water and Power want to turn Sindh completely into a desert by not implementing the Accord in letter and in spirit including release of at least 10 MAF water Kotri downstream.


Karachi, March 30.