Writer, Ahmed Rashid, a well-known and respected Pakistani writer, in his book, ‘Is Pakistan heading towards anarchy?’, has written that, “He fears Pakistan is on the verge of a meltdown” and blames both Pakistan and the Obama administration for the deterioration in their ties due to a series of destabilizing incidents, including the U.S. raid that killed Osama bin Laden. (http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/03/22/us-usa-pakistan-book-idUSBRE82L19L20120322).

In his fifth book on the subject, the Lahore-based, prize-winning writer also blames the government’s lack of control over both its military and intelligence service and militant groups.

‘Pakistan has all the potential of becoming a failing state’ and adds that this fuels the apprehensions for all those in the region and for Washington, that if such groups gain control of a nuclear-armed country, then we would end up with a ‘doomsday scenario’.

“There is so much distrust on both sides and they are certainly not going to return to what they were, where the Americans had a carte blanche to do what they like in Pakistan. That is not going to happen again.”

He is of the opinion that, ‘The lack of state control authority is going to mean there is going to be increasing anarchy in many different parts of the country’.

And the recent revelation, that OBL and his wives were hiding in various cities of Pakistan for nine years, either with or without the knowledge of the government and our spook agencies, will further fuel this mistrust.  

And US Intelligence Report 2005, has also predicted that, in time, ‘Pakistan would be a failed state, ripe with civil war, blood shed, inter provincial rivalries, a struggle for control of its nuclear weapons and complete Talibanisation’. Definitely not a bright future or confidence building prediction.  

And world leaders at the Nuclear Security Summit in S. Korea, stated: ‘Nuclear terrorism continues to be the most challenging threat to international security. Defeating this threat requires strong national measure and international cooperation’. A similar reasoning was used to attack Iraq and is being used to warn Iran.

And it is under this frightening scenario, that we are witnessing multiple ‘defining moments’ in our checkered history, which are being played out in the Courts of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. 

In one court, we have the action packed, record-breaking thriller, ‘Showdown at the OK Coral’, relating to the contempt of court charges against the PM, in which the stakes are, ‘winner take all’. While in the other courts, we have the naughty, x-rated, Meharan Gate and in the other, The Memogate scandal.  

Both these Gates have exposed the corrupt and decaying soft belly of Pakistan and its leaders and politicians, which, in the last four years under the PPP government, have broken all past records. 

And instead of apologizing for this sorry state of governance, the PM has lamented that the opposition leader and even his beloved awam, have failed to congratulate him for successfully completing four years, against all odds, as the PM of this land of the Pak and the Pure.

It seems that the PM, like his President, is also out of touch with reality and as was expected, the opposition and the media did not miss a moment to pick up this ‘golden nugget’ from the PM.

NS immediately came out of his corner, with both gloves swinging and tauntingly asked, what were the great achievements of the PM and his government in the past four years?

‘Should the PM be congratulated for flouting the orders of the SC, the massive corruption and increased load shedding and the riots, target killings and the anarchy that is spreading through the cities of the country’?   

And on queue, the media also taunted the PM, by showing clips of rioting men and women, expressing and showing their anger and frustration by attacking buildings, burning cars and generally causing mayhem in many towns of the country.   

And while our cities were burning and people dying, the PM was attending the Nuclear Security Summit, assuring world leaders that Pakistan’s nuclear assets were safe and secure.

But to his credit, the PM met President Obama, the most powerful man in the world and proved to the critics at home, that he was not a peon, but the Prime Minister of a nuclear country. 

However, seeing the ground realities and the spreading anarchy at home, how convincing was his assurance to the world leaders, has yet to be proved.

Last week, I had the opportunity to meet a retired, senior western diplomat, who was visiting Pakistan and asked him about his assessment of the hot and cold relationship between Uncle Sam and Pakistan.

His candid reply was, ‘As long as Pakistan and your leaders march to the tune of the Yankee Doodle, everything will be honky-tonky. But the moment you dance out of step, all hell will break loose and you won’t know what hit you’.  

‘Your leaders are living in a dream world and are just playing to the galleries. You all know that if the Americans cut off military and financial aid, start imposing sanctions and cancel all student, visitor and business visas, there would be countrywide protests and your leaders would not survive three months’.

‘Look around you and see what has happened to those leaders who have dared to stand up against ‘The White Satan’. You have allowed your leaders to financially and morally bankrupt your nation. Its time that you guys face the harsh reality, you have no option but to dance to the tune of the Yankee Doodle and the sooner you accept this fact, the better it will be for your country’. 

So there you have it, my fellow citizens. All this huffing and puffing might do us more harm then good. Eat grass, as ZAB had stated many years back, ruin the future of our next generation and challenge the firepower of the US? Not an easy decision, but a decision our leaders and the Awam will have to take sooner or latter.

I know that there will be howls of chest beating protests about our sovereignty, independence, etc., but what are the other options that we have?

However, in the midst of all this gloom and doom, there are two glimmer of hope. For the first time in our history, the NA will decide our national policy and the second, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, in his hall mark judgment, has declared the RPP agreements non-transparent and illegal and has ordered the arrest of the former ministers of water and power, who had sanctioned and approved the agreements.

If the SC orders are implemented in letter and spirit, then it will send a clear message to all, that the days of loot and plunder are over and that all citizens are accountable and will be punished according to law.   

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